Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For Bank Mains Exams 2021- 24th February

Q1. (x-2)! blue balls and (x-1)! white balls are there in the bag. If one ball is drawn at random from the bag then the probability that the drawn ball is blue is 1/90. Find total number of white balls in the bag. (!-factorial)
(a) 84 !
(b) 86 !
(c) 87 !
(d) 89 !
(e) 88 !

Q2. A bag contains 50 balls in which there are 20 white balls and some red and yellow balls. If three balls are picked up from the bag without replacement, then the probability of the first ball being white, second being red and third being yellow is 4/105. Find the number of yellow balls in the bag.
(a) 16
(b) 12
(c) 10
(d) 14
(e) either (a) or (d)

Q3. Diagonal of a square is equal to diameter of a circle. Area of circle is 1232 sq.cm. A cube is formed using the square as face of cube. This cube is melted and recast to form a cylinder of radius 28 cm. find height of cylinder thus formed. (approx.)
(a) 9 cm
(b) 12 cm
(c) 7 cm
(d) 14 cm
(e) 17 cm

Q4. An ice cream box full of ice cream is in the form of cuboid, having 54cm breadth, 30cm height and 77cm length. Ice cream from the cuboidal box is served in the cone. Radius of cone is 425% more than its height. If ratio of height of the cone to cuboid is 1 : 5, then find the number of cones required to serve the full quantity of ice cream of cuboidal box.
(a) 25
(b) 10
(c) 30
(d) 15
(e) 20
Q5. Ratio between speed of boat in still water to downstream speed is 3 : 4 and boat takes 1 hour 40 minutes more to cover 80 km in still water than in downstream. Find time taken by boat to cover distance of 36 km in upstream?
(a) 4.5 hours
(b) 5.5 hours
(c) 3.5 hours
(d) 2.5 hours
(e) 1.5 hours

Q6. A man can row the boat in downstream from point A to C in 16 hours. But he return from point B, which is exactly mid-point of A and C to upstream in 12 hours. Find the ratio of speed of stream to the speed of man in still water ?
(a) 1 : 5
(b) 2 : 3
(c) 3 : 2
(d) 4 : 3
(e) 5 : 3

Directions (7-10): Read the data carefully and answer the following questions.
The following bar graph represents the market shares of some mobile manufacturers in China for two years. There are two types of phone- GSM and CDMA in the market. These manufacturers manufacture both types of phones. Others comprise all manufacturers whose market share is less than other four given. Bar graph shows the percentage distribution of GSM and CDMA mobile phones in 2016-2017 and in 2017-2018.
2016-2017: Total market= 25 lakh units; GSM: 70% of total market; CDMA: 30% of market

2017-2018: Total market= 28 lakh units; GSM: 75% of total market; CDMA: 25% of market

Q7. Which of the following company has the highest overall market shares in 2017-18?
(a) LG
(b) MI
(c) NA
(d) XX
(e) Can’t be determined

Q8. The percentage increase in market share (in percentage) in 2017-18, compared to the previous year, among the given manufacturers was the highest for?
(a) MI
(b) LG
(c) XX
(d) None of these
(e) NA

Q9. What will be the total market share in units of XX in the year 2017-18?
(a) 3,02,000
(b) 3,00,500
(c) 3,01,500
(d) 3,01,000
(e) None of these

Q10. If there is an increase of 20% in the price of each handset for NA in 2017-18 compared to the price of each handset in 2016-2017 then find, the increase in revenue of NA in 2017-18 over 2016-17?
(a) 62.5%
(b) 69%
(c) 72%
(d) 75%
(e) 78%

Directions (11-15): The following questions are accompanied by two statements (I) and (II). You have to determine which statements(s) is/are sufficient/necessary to answer the questions.
(a) Statement (I) alone is sufficient to answer the question but statement (II) alone is not sufficient to answer the questions.
(b) Statement (II) alone is sufficient to answer the question but statement (I) alone is not sufficient to answer the question.
(c) Both the statements taken together are necessary to answer the questions, but neither of the statements alone is sufficient to answer the question.
(d) Either statement (I) or statement (II) is sufficient to answer the question.
(e) Statements (I) and (II) together are not sufficient to answer the question.

Q11. Find Veer’s age four years hence from present?
(I) Ratio between Veer’s age and Rahul’s age, three years ago was 8 : 9, while Veer is two years younger than Rahul.
(II) Ratio between present age of Rahul and Veer is 21: 19, while five year hence average age of Rahul and Veer will be 25 years.

Q12. What will be profit share of Ankit out of total profit?
(I) Ankit Invest Rs. 1600 for 8 months and Satish joined him after third month with capital of Rs. 1200.
(II) Satish got Rs. 630 as profit share.

Q13. How many man and women working on this task?
(I) (x – 4) man work for first (x – 8) days, after that (x+2) woman complete the remaining work in (x – 8) days.
(II) Ratio between work did by men to work did by women is 2 : 3.

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