Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For Bank Mains Exams 2021- 25th February

Directions (1 -5): Line graph (I) shows percentage distribution of five flowers in garden A, while line graph (II) shows percentage distribution of these same five flowers in garden ‘B’. Read the data carefully and answer the question.

Q2. If total Rose in garden ‘A’ is 40% of total Rose in garden ‘B’, then find total flowers in garden ‘B’ is how much percent more than total flower in garden ‘A’?
(a) 20%
(b) 15%
(c) 10%
(d) 25%
(e) 30%

Q3. If total number of flowers in garden ‘B’ is 40% more than that of in garden ‘A’ and total number of Dahlias in garden ‘A’ & ‘B’ together is 384, then find the total number of Marigold in both garden ‘A’ & ‘B’ together?
(a) 928
(b) 918
(c) 920
(d) 936
(e) 948

Q5. Total flower in garden ‘B’ is 80% more than total flower in garden ‘A’ and total lily in both gardens is 840, then find difference between total marigold in garden ‘A’ and total dahlia in garden ‘B’?
(a) 142
(b) 140
(c) 144
(d) 148
(e) 152

Directions (6- 10): Pie chart given below shows vacancies in officer scale I and in officer scale II in a bank in five different cities. Study the chart carefully and answer the questions.

Note: – Vacancies in officer Scale I and officer Scale II are same in Kolkata city

Q6. Vacancies in Scale I in Dispur is 12,000 then find the difference between vacancies in Scale I and Scale II in Mumbai?
(a) 4,800
(b) 5,400
(c) 5,800
(d) 6,200
(e) 6,600

Q7. Find the ratio between Total vacancies in Chennai to total vacancies in Kolkata?
(a) 9 : 8
(b) 23 : 20
(c) 69 : 80
(d) 15 : 16
(e) Cannot be determined

Q8. Vacancies in Scale I in Gurgaon are further divided into three parts i.e. A, B and C in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4. If vacancies in ‘C’ is 6,000 then find total vacancies in Gurgaon in scale I and scale II together?
(a) 19,700
(b) 20,200
(c) 20,700
(d) 21,200
(e) 21,700

Q9. Vacancies in scale I in Dispur are what percent more/less than vacancies in scale II in Mumbai?
(a) Cannot be determined
(b) 100%
(c) 50%
(d) 250%
(e) 150%

Q10. Find the average vacancies in scale I in Dispur, Kolkata and Chennai all together if average vacancies in scale II in Gurgaon and Kolkata is 11,200
(a) 15,000
(b) 12,500
(c) 17,500
(d) 20,000
(e) 22,500

Directions (11-15): Each of the following question is followed by two quantities I, and II. You have to determine the value of the quantities using the information provided and accordingly compare the quantities. Mark your answer as per the instruction set provided below.
(a) Quantity I>Quantity II
(b) Quantity I≥Quantity II
(c) Quantity I<Quantity II
(d) Quantity I≤Quantity II
(e) Quantity I=Quantity II or no relation

Q11. Quantity I: Time taken by Prabhas to cover a distance of 200 km (without stoppage) by car through which he covers a distance of 100 km in 1 hour when he stops to get fuel for 10 minutes.
Quantity II: Time taken by Nagarjuna to travel 20 km downstream if speed of boat and speed of stream be 7 kmph & 3 kmph respectively.

Q12. There are 3 red and 5 blue balls in the urn.
Quantity I: the probability of drawing 1 red ball and 2 blue balls.
Quantity II: the probability of drawing 2 red balls and 1 blue ball.

Q13. In how many ways can 4 boys or 5 girls be selected?
Quantity I: there are 20 persons (boys and girls only) in the group out of which 12 are boys.
Quantity II: the group comprises 10 boys and 10 girls.

Q14. Quantity I: The length & breadth of a rectangle of perimeter 48 cm are in ratio 5:3. Find Area?
Quantity II: 135

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