Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For ECGC PO 2021- 15th January

Q1. Ramesh invests certain sum into two schemes A & B in the ratio of 2 : 3 for 3 years. Scheme A and B offered S.I. at the rate of 10% and 8% per annum respectively. If total S.I. obtained from both schemes after 3 years was Rs. 3300, then find amount invested by Ramesh in scheme A was?
(a) Rs. 5000
(b) Rs. 6000
(c) Rs. 7500
(d) Rs. 8000
(e) Rs. 2500

Q3. The ratio of milk and water in a vessel is 5 : 8. If 6 liter of milk added in it ratio of milk to water becomes 7 : 8. Find the initial quantity of mixture in the vessel.
(a) 28 liter
(b) 39 liter
(c) 42 liter
(d) 24 liter
(e) 36 liter

Q4. A started a business with investment Rs. 5000 and after 6 months of starting the business B also joined with capital 8000. At the end of year annual profit of business was Rs. 7200. Find the profit share of B.
(a) Rs. 3200
(b) Rs. 4000
(c) Rs. 2800
(d) Rs. 3600
(e) Rs. 3400

Q5. Ramesh and Ramu enter into a partnership with their initial sum Rs. 36000 and Rs. 48000 respectively. After 6 months, a third person Keshav also joins them with his initial sum Rs. 24000. After a year if total profit is Rs. 6400 then find the profit share of Ramu.
(a) Rs. 3000
(b) Rs. 2300
(c) Rs. 3200
(d) Rs. 2800
(e) Rs. 3600

Q6. Two partners A and B enter into a partnership with their initial sum Rs 50,000 and Rs 40,000 respectively. After 8 months, B left the partnership. If total profit after a year is Rs 6900, find profit share of A.
(a) Rs. 5,000
(b) Rs 6,500
(c) Rs 4,500
(d) Rs 3,500
(e) Rs 5,500

Q7. Three partners A, B and C started a business with their initial investments of Rs 13200, Rs 14400 and Rs 18000 respectively. After 4 months, B withdrew Rs 2400 and A invests Rs 1200 extra amount. After a year, if C got Rs 11250 as his profit then find total profit.
(a) Rs. 30,000
(b) Rs. 25,000
(c) Rs. 28,000
(d) Rs. 24,000
(e) Rs. 32,000

Q8. A Jar contain water and milk in the ratio of 2: 3. Some milk is added in the Jar whose amount is equal to 30% of water present in the Jar. After this some water is added whose amount is equal to 10% of quantity of milk present in Jar presently. What is the new ratio of water and milk in the Jar.
(a) 59 : 90
(b) 11 : 18
(c) 90 : 59
(d) 18 : 11
(e) 57 : 67

Q10. A mixture of milk and water contains 75% milk. If 8 liter of mixture is taken out and 7 liters of milk is added, then ratio of milk to water becomes 7 : 2. Find the quantity of mixture initially.
(a) 75 L
(b) 64 L
(c) 68 L
(d) 56 L
(e) 40 L

Q11. A container carrying wine and water solution in the ratio 7 : 5. 58 litre of water has been added to dilute the solution furthermore and ratio of the wine and water has been reversed. Find the original volume of the solution?
(a) 130 litre
(b) 244 litre
(c) 248 litre
(d) 145 litre
(e) 184 litre

Q14. In first mixture, quantity of milk was 6 lit more than that of water. After adding 40 ltr of second mixture (having ratio of water to milk 3: 5) in the first mixture, ratio of water to milk in the final mixture becomes 9: 13. Find the total quantity of water in the final mixture.
(a) 27 ltr
(b) 31.5 ltr
(c) 36 ltr
(d) 45 ltr
(e) None of these

Q15. In 100 lit mixture of milk and water, milk is 68 lit more than that of water. When ‘a’ lit of milk is taken out and (a+15) lit of water is added, milk becomes 50% more than that of water. Find value of ‘a’?
(a) 20
(b) 15
(c) 18
(d) 12
(e) 16

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