Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For ECGC PO 2021- 23rd February

Directions (1-5): What approximate value will come in place of (x) in the following questions.

Q6. The age of Sonal 4 years later is equal to the present age of Kamal. If sum of ages of Harish and Kamal 3 years later will be 66 years. While the difference of their ages is 4 years. Then, the present age of Sonal will be?
(a) 34 yrs.
(b) 32 yrs.
(c) 30 yrs.
(d) 28 yrs.
(e) 26 yrs.

Q7. Two friends Abhi and Surbhi invested Rs. 8000 and Rs. 12,000 in a scheme respectively. But after 6 months, Abhi withdrew 50% of his money and invested into another scheme B which offers SI at the rate of 15% per annum. At the end of a year, Abhi realized that he has received Rs. 150 less in scheme B than his profit share in scheme A. Then, find the profit of Surbhi.
(a) Rs. 900
(b) Rs. 1250
(c) Rs. 1110
(d) Rs. 1260
(e) Rs. 1380

Q8. Three friends X, Y and Z together can do a work in 12 days while X and Z together can do that work in 20 days. Then find the time taken by Z alone to complete the same work if Y and Z together can do it in 18 days.
(a) 45 days
(b) 36 days
(c) 54 days
(d) 72 days
(e) 90 days

Q9. Length of a rectangle is 33⅓% more than its breadth and the perimeter is 56 cm. Find the area of square whose side is equal to the diagonal of that rectangle?
(a) 324 cm2
(b) 256 cm2
(c) 400 cm2
(d) 625 cm2
(e) 484 cm2

Q10. A train P having speed 81 km/hr passes a tunnel twice of its length in 18 sec. then find in how much time train P will cross a pole?
(a) 4 sec
(b) 6 sec
(c) 5 sec
(d) 7 ½ sec
(e) 8 sec

Directions (11-15): Table shown below shows population of five different cities. Some data is given in percent while some data is given in numbers. Study the table carefully and solve the following questions.

Note: Total population = Male + Female + Transgender

Q11.The total Population in city Z is what percent less than the total population in city Y.
(a) 30%
(b) 25%
(c) 20%
(d) 15%
(e) 17.5%

Q12. Ratio of number of literate male to number of Illiterate male in city A is 11 : 7. What is the difference between number of literate male and number of Illiterate male in city A.
(a) 900
(b) 1050
(c) 1400
(d) 800
(e) 1200

Q14. Number of Male populations in city B is how much more than number of female populations in city X?
(a) 2900
(b) 2840
(c) 2760
(d) 2920
(e) 2980

Q15. Find the ratio of number of transgender populations in city Z to the number of transgender populations in city A.
(a) 4:5
(b) 5:4
(c) 3:5
(d) 5:3
(e) 2:5

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