Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For ECGC PO 2021- 9th February


Q2. Three years ago, average age of ‘Amit’, ‘Bittu’ and ‘Chitu’ is 27 years. Four years hence, ratio of Amit and Chitu’s age is 7 : 10. If Bittu is 6 years younger than Chitu, then find present age of ‘Amit’?
(a) 24 years
(b) 27 years
(c) 30 years
(d) 28 years
(e) 36 years

Q3. Ratio of speed of boat in upstream to that of in downstream is 2:x and distance travelled by boat in still water in 4hr is equal to distance travelled by boat in upstream in 5hr. Then find value of ‘x’?
(a) 7
(b) 3
(c) 5
(d) None of these
(e) Can’t be determined

Q4. The sum of area of a circle & area of a rectangle is equal to 2136 sq. cm. The diameter of the circle is 42 cm. What is the difference between the circumference of the circle & the perimeter of the rectangle, if the breath of the rectangle is 30 cm?
(a) 42 cm
(b) 22 cm
(c) 30 cm
(d) 11 cm
(e) 18 cm

Q5. A container is full of milk, 1/4 th of the milk is taken out and is replaced with water, and this process is repeated 3 times and 297ℓ of milk is finally left in the container. find the capacity of container? (in ℓ)
(a) 528
(b) 644
(c) 740
(d) 704
(e) 750

Q6. Kapil got his salary increased by 15% while Dinesh got only 10% increment. Archu also got an increment of 20%. If ratio of earlier salary of Kapil, Dinesh and Archu is 3:4:5 respectively then find increased salary of Kapil will be what percent of that of Archu?
(a) 78%
(b) 57.5%
(c) 55.5%
(d) 58.5%
(e) 73.33%

Q7. A cistern has two taps which fill it in 12 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. There is also a waste pipe in the cistern. When all the three are opened, the empty cistern is full in 20 minutes. How long will the waste pipe take to empty the full cistern?
(a) 10 min
(b) 12 min
(c) 15 min
(d) 14 min
(e) None of these

Q9. Marked price is 25% more than the selling price of the product and the profit earned on selling is also 25%. If the difference between profit and the difference between cost price and marked price is Rs 200, then find the cost price of the product?
(a) Rs 500
(b) Rs 640
(c) Rs 600
(d) Rs 700
(e) Rs 800

Q10. Shivam invested Rs.15000 in two schemes offering R% p.a. S.I. for two years and difference of interest received from both schemes after 2 years is Rs.300. Had he invested Rs.4000 at R% p.a. S.I. for four years, then the interest received by him after four years is Rs.2400. Then, find difference of principal invested by Shivam in both the schemes.
(a) Rs.4000
(b) Rs.3000
(c) Rs.7000
(d) Rs.2000
(e) Rs. 1000

Direction (11 -15): Given below the table shows number of mobiles manufactured by five different plants of ‘Samsung’ in 2001. Read the data carefully and answer the questions.

Total stock available in 2002 of each plant = Manufactured mobiles in 2002 + (Manufactured mobiles in 2001– Sold mobiles in 2001)

Q11. Total stock of plant C in 2002 is what percent less than total stock of plant E in 2002?
(a) 10%
(b) 12.5%
(c) 15%
(d) 20%
(e) 25%

Q12. Find difference between total stock of plant A in 2002 and average of unsold mobiles of plant D & E in 2001 together ?
(a) 1000
(b) 1049
(c) 1099
(d) 1029
(e) 1069

Q13. Out of total manufactured mobiles by plant B in 2001, 45% are 6GBmobiles and remaining are 8GB mobiles. If out of total sold mobiles by plant B in 2001, 36% are 6GB mobiles, then find ratio of unsold 8GB mobiles in 2001 to total stock of plant D in 2002?
(a) 4 : 69
(b) 4 : 79
(c) 2 : 69
(d) 2 : 79
(e) 4 : 49

Q14. Total stock of plant B in the year 2002 is what percent more than total unsold mobiles of plant B & E together in 2001?
(a) 44%
(b) 42%
(c) 48%
(d) 46%
(e) None of these

Q15. If total sale of plant A & D is increased by 20% and 25% in 2002 over 2001 respectively, then find total unsold mobiles by plant A & D in the year 2002 together?
(a) 2528
(b) 2548
(c) 2538
(d) 2578
(e) 2518

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