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Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For IBPS Clerk Prelims 2023 -10th August

Q1. A person purchases four bicycles at a discount of 20% on marked price on each bicycle. If sum of discount offered and profit obtained on all 4 bicycles is 2560 then find the difference in marked price and cost price on one bicycle.
(a) 520
(b) 640
(c) 1220
(d) 880
(e) 690

Q2. Veer buy an article for Rs. 480. He sold it at 12% loss and get some money and from that money he again buys an article and this he sold at 25% profit. What was profit percentage he got from this transaction?
(a) 16%
(b) 12%
(c) 10%
(d) 14%
(e) 20%

Q3. A vegetable seller buy potato and tomato in Rs. 7.5 per kg. He sells potato at a profit of 22% and tomato at a loss of 8%, What is the S.P. of tomato, if in whole transaction there is no profit no loss ?
(a) 5.08 Rs.
(b) 4.97Rs.
(c) 5.07Rs.
(d) 5.06Rs.
(e) 5.66Rs.

Q4.A person sells a table at a profit of 10%. If he had bought the table at 5% less cost and sold for Rs. 80 more, he would have gained 20%. The cost price of the table is
(a) Rs. 3,200
(b) Rs. 2,500
(c) Rs. 2,000
(d) Rs. 3,000
(e) Rs. 1,600

Q5. Roni purchased a cycle for Rs. 12000 and sold it at a loss of 20% with that amount he purchased another cycle and sold it at 30% profit. What was his overall gain/loss ?
(a) 720 loss
(b) 480 loss
(c) 480 profit
(d) 720 profit
(e) No profit no loss

Q6. A train ‘A’ having a length of 240 m can cross a tunnel having length 150% more than that of train A in 30 seconds. In how much time it can cross another train B whose length is 320 m and running in opposite direction to train A with a speed of 72 km/h?
Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For IBPS Clerk Prelims 2023 -10th August |_3.1

Q7. A train of length 180 meter cross a platform in 15 seconds with a speed of 60 km/h. A man cross the same platform in 4 minute find the speed of man?
(a) 1.05 km/h
(b) 3 km/h
(c) 2.05 km/h
(d) 2.1 km/h
(e) 2 km/h

Q8. Two trains A and B of length 400 m and (400 + x) m respectively are moving with same speed. If train A and B crosses a pole in 16 sec and 24 secs respectively then in what time train ‘B’ will cross 400 m long platform.
(a) 32 sec
(b) 40 sec
(c) 45 sec
(d) 54 sec
(e) 24 sec

Q9. The ratio of speed of train P and train Q is 4 : 5. Train P crosses a pole in 6 sec while train Q crosses the same pole in 4 sec. If train P crosses a platform of length 480 m in 18 sec then in how much time train Q will cross the same platform?
(a) 16.3 sec
(b) 14.2 sec
(c) 13.6 sec
(d) 18 sec
(e) 16 sec

Q10. A man sees a train passing over a bridge of length 1 km. The length of the train is half of the length of bridge. If the train passes the bridge in 2 minutes then find the speed of the train?
(a) 30 kmph
(b) 45 kmph
(c) 50 kmph
(d) 60 kmph
(e) 54 kmph


Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For IBPS Clerk Prelims 2023 -10th August |_4.1

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