Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For RBI Attendant 2021- 13th March

Q1. A car can cover a distance in 9 hours at the speed of 70 km/hr at what percent should the speed of car increase so distance can cover in 6 hr.
(a) 25%
(b) 40%
(c) 35%
(d) 50%
(e) 60%

Q2. What is the speed of car (in km/hr), which overtakes a running train in 20 second. Length of train is 180 meter and its speed is 33⅓% less than speed of car. (Car’s length is negligible)
(a) 100 km/hr
(b) 81 km/hr
(c) 105 km/hr
(d) 90 km/hr
(e) 97.2 km/hr

Q3. A bird covers a distance of 112 km in ‘y’ hours travelling at the speed of ‘x’ km/hr. Find the speed of bird, given that x and y are co-primes integers, and both are greater than 1.
(a) 16 km/hr
(b) Can’t be determined
(c) 14 km/hr
(d) 28 km/hr
(e) 7 km/hr

Q4. Anurag can cover a km in 10 minutes and Dharam can cover a km in 15 minutes. If they both participated in a race and Anurag defeated Dharam by 200m, then find the length of race.
(a) 500m
(b) 600m
(c) 800m
(d) 400m
(e) 300m

Q5. A car has wheels of diameter 84 cm. How many revolutions can the wheel complete in 40 minutes, if the car is travelling at the speed of 132 cm/s ?
(a) 1400
(b) 1000
(c) 600
(d) 1200
(e) 1600

Q6. Two cars stars at the same time from one point and move along two roads at right angles to each other. Their speeds are 36 km/hr. and 48 km/hr. respectively. After 15 second the distance between them will be
(a) 400 m
(b) 150 m
(c) 300 m
(d) 250 m
(e) None of these

Q7. A car driver observed that a bus was 40 m ahead of the car and after 20 seconds the car was 60 m ahead of the bus. If the speed of the bus is 38 kmph, then find the speed of the car (in kmph).
(a) 12
(b) 18
(c) 24
(d) 40
(e) None of these

Q9. Two trains A and B of length 400 m and (400 + x) m respectively are moving with same speed. If train A and B crosses a pole in 16 sec and 24 secs respectively then in what time train ‘B’ will cross 400 m long platform.
(a) 32 sec
(b) 40 sec
(c) 45 sec
(d) 54 sec
(e) 24 sec

Q10. The ratio of speed of train P and train Q is 4 : 5. Train P crosses a pole in 6 sec while train Q crosses the same pole in 4 sec. If train P crosses a platform of length 480 m in 18 sec then in how much time train Q will cross the same platform?
(a) 16.3 sec
(b) 14.2 sec
(c) 13.6 sec
(d) 18 sec
(e) 16 sec

Q11. When speed of a train is increased by 20 km/hr it can cover a distance 40 minutes earlier. If speed of train is decreased by 30 km/h it takes 70 minutes more to cover that distance. Find distance covered by train.
(a) 3000 km
(b) 2000 km
(c) 2085 km
(d) 2175 km
(e) 3850 km

Q12. A train can cross a platform of 100 m length completely in 12 seconds while covers a platform of double of its length in 21 seconds. Find the speed of the train? (in m/s)
(a) 12
(c) 18
(d) 20
(e) 24

Q13. Ratio of upstream speed to downstream speed is 1 : 11. If speed of boat in still water is 30 km/hr then find the distance covered in upstream in 5 hours ? (in km)
(a) 66
(b) 55
(c) 25
(d) 30
(e) 40

Q14. A boat can cover upstream distance between two points in 6 hours and same distance downstream in 4 hours. If speed of boat in still water is 8 km/h, then find speed of stream.
(a) 2 km/h
(b) 1.6 km/h
(c) 3.2 km/h
(d) 4.8 km/h
(e) 3.8 km/h

Q15. A boat can travel with the speed of 17 kmph in upstream. If the speed of river is 3 kmph, then find the speed of boat in downstream in the same river.
(a) 23 kmph
(b) 20 kmph
(c) 25 kmph
(d) 19 kmph
(e) 21 kmph

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