RBI Assistant Prelims Quantitative Aptitude Mini Mock-5: Bar DI, Pie DI and Line DI

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Directions (1-5): The pie graph given below shows the data of distribution of monthly expenditure (in degree) of Anurag. Monthly income of the person is Rs. 1 lakh.
Read the graph carefully and answer the questions that follows.

Note – Income = Expenditure + Savings

Q1. Find the monthly expenditure on Clothing of Anurag.
(a) Rs. 24200
(b) Rs. 16800
(c) Rs. 21000
(d) Rs. 8400
(e) Rs. 25200

Q2. What is the monthly savings of Anurag?
(a) Rs. 12000
(b) Rs. 18000
(c) Rs. 16000
(d) Rs. 10000
(e) Rs. 20000

Q3. Monthly expenditure on travelling is what percentage more or less than that on food?
(a) 150%
(b) 75%
(c) 60%
(d) 50%
(e) 125%

Q4. Monthly expenditure of Anurag on Rent is what percentage of his monthly income?
(a) 42.4%
(b) 21.6%
(c) 33.3%
(d) 52.2%
(e) 25.2%

Q5. Find the ratio of expenditure on Clothing’s to that on others.
(a) 4:3
(b) 2:3
(c) 3:2
(d) 3:1
(e) 5:4

Directions (6-10): the bar graph given below shows the data of number of sims sold by two companies (i.e. Airtel and JIO), in 6 years.
Study the following bar graph and answer the questions based on it.

Q6. What is the difference between the number of sim sold by company Jio in 2016 and 2017?
(a) 50000
(b) 45000
(c) 30000
(d) 27000
(e) 20000

Q7. What is the difference between the total sim sold by the two companies in the given years?
(a) 0
(b) 12000
(c) 15000
(d) 8000
(e) 10000

Q8. What is the average numbers of sim sold by Airtel company over the given period?
(a) 148000
(b) 144000
(c) 125000
(d) 120000
(e) 140000

Q9. In which of the following year, the difference between the number of sims sold by Airtel company and Jio is the maximum in the given years ?
(a) 2015
(b) 2019
(c) 2016
(d) 2017
(e) 2014

Q10. The number of sims sold by company Jio in 2016 was approximately what per cent of the number of sims sold by Airtel company in the same year ?
(a) 173%
(b) 111%
(c) 132%
(d) 80%
(e) 70%

Directions (11-15): Study the following line graph and answer the questions based on it. Given below is the line graph which shows the percentage rise in price (compared to previous year) of Maize & Peanuts over the given years.

Q11. If ratio between price of Peanuts & Maize in 2014 is 3 : 4 then what will be their ratio of price in 2015 ?
(a) 20 : 23
(b) 19 : 21
(c) 18 : 23
(d) 23 : 28
(e) 17 : 19

Q12. If price of Maize in year 2011 is 7200 Rs per quintal then what will be its price in year 2013 per quintal?
(a) 8420
(b) 9012
(c) 10500
(d) 83250
(e) 9108

Q13. What is the effective percentage increase in price of Maize from year 2011 to year 2013?
(a) 30%
(b) 22%
(c) 23.5%
(d) 26.5%
(e) 32.75%

Q14. If a person expends Rs 4140 in buying Peanuts at the rate of 120 Rs/kg in year 2012 then he has to reduce his consumption of Peanuts by how many kg in year 2013 for the same expenditure of 4140 ?
(a) 4.5 kg
(b) 3 kg
(c) 2 kg
(d) 2.5 kg
(e) 4 kg

Q15. If the price of Maize in 2013 is 132 Rs/kg then what will be total cost of 25 kg of Maize in 2012 ?
(a) 1250 Rs
(b) 3000 Rs
(c) 1500 Rs
(d) 2000 Rs
(e) 2500 Rs


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