RBI Assistant Mains Quantitative Aptitude Daily Mock 20 February 2020: Ratio & Proportion and Mixture & Alligation

RBI had released advertisement for 926 posts of Assistant and now the prelims are over. Students should start preparing for RBI Assistant Mains 2020. Do not let this opportunity slip away. Adda 247 will provide you daily Quantitative Aptitude Mock of “RBI Assistant Mains Daily Quant Mock 20th February 2020. From now on, Adda 247 will provide students with Mocks for RBI Assistant Mains that will help you to practice maximum topics in minimum time. This mocks contains Ratio & Proportion and Mixture & AlligationStay tuned with bankersadda to get Quant Quiz and boost your preparation for the upcoming bank exam. You can also prepare with the study plan for  RBI Assistant available on the bankersadda website.

Q1. In a class the number of boys and that of the girls are in the ratio of 3 : 4. If the number of boy is increased by 15% and that of girls is increased by 175/3%. What will be the new ratio of the number of boys to that of girls?
(a) 197 : 375
(b) 163 : 362
(c) 217 : 341
(d) Data inadequate
(e) 207 : 380

Q2. In two alloys, copper and zinc are present in the ratios of 4:1 and 1:3. 10 kg of 1st alloy 16 kg of 2nd alloy and some of pure copper are melted togther. An alloy was obtained in which the ratio of copper to zinc was 3:2. Find the weight of the new alloy.
(a) 34 kg
(b) 35 kg
(c) 36 kg
(d) 30 kg
(e) 32 kg

Q3. Rs. 5625 is to be divided among A, B and C, so that A may receive (1/2) as much as B and C together receive and B receives (1/4) of what A and C together receive. Find out difference between share of C and Share of A?
(a) Rs. 640
(b) Rs. 750
(c) Rs. 1200
(d) Rs. 960
(e) Rs. 840

Q4. The percentage of wheat in the mixture of wheat and barley is 62.5%. if some quantity of rice is added with the 760 quintal mixture of wheat and barley then quantity of rice is 15% of the difference of quantity of wheat and barley in the final mixture. Find out the quantity of rice in the final mixture?
(a) 42.5 quintals
(b) 29.5 quintals
(c) 36.5 quintals
(d) 28.5 quintals
(e) 26.5 quintals

Q5. In an alloy, zinc and copper are in the ratio 1 : 2. In the second alloy the same elements are in the ratio 2 : 3. In what ratio should these two alloys be mixed to form a new alloy in which the two elements are in ratio 5 : 8?
(a) 7 : 11
(b) 3:10
(c) 5 : 11
(d) 9:11
(e) 4 : 9

Q6. 6 litres are drawn from a cask full of wine and it is then filled with water. 6 litres of the mixture are drawn and the cask is again filled with water. The quantity of wine now left in the cask is to that of the water in it as 121 : 23. How much does the cask hold?
(a) 54 litres
(b) 62 litres
(c) 70 litres
(d) 72 litres
(e) 66 litres

Q7. Three equal glasses are filled with mixtures of milk and water. The proportion of milk and water in each glass is as follows. In the first glass as 5 : 3, in the second glass as 3 : 2 and in the third as 7 : 4. The contents of the three glasses are emptied into a single vessel. What is the proportion of milk and water in it?
(a) 819 : 401
(b) 170 : 313
(c) 273 : 167
(d) 743 : 155
(e) none of these

Q8. A vessel contains a mixture of Apple, Guava and Lichi juices in the respective ratio of 4 : 6 : 5. 15 litres of this mixture is taken out and 8 litres of Apple juice and 2 litres of Guava juice is added to the vessel. If the resultant quantity of Apple juice is 10 litres less than the resultant quantity of Guavas juice, what was the initial quantity of mixture in the vessel?
(a) 120 liters
(b) 150 liters
(c) 105 liters
(d) 135 liters
(e) 90 liters

Q9. Monthly salaries of Rakhi and Sanjay are in the respective ratio of 4 : 5. Rakhi, from her monthly salary, gives 5/8th to her mother. 20% towards her sister’s tuition fees, 12.5% towards a loan and she shops with the remaining amount which was Rs. 1280. What is the monthly salary of Sanjay?
(a) Rs. 28000
(b) Rs. 24000
(c) Rs. 25600
(d) Rs. 32000
(e) Rs. 30000

Q10. The price of a diamond is directly proportional to the square of its weight. The diamond broke in four part in such a way that the weights of those parts were in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 3 : 4. If the total price of the diamond was decreased by Rs. 70,000, then what was the price (in Rs.) of the original diamond ?
(a) 1,00,000
(b) 2,00,000
(c) 3,00,000
(d) 4,00,000
(e)none of these

Q11. Rajeev has average earning of Rs 600 per month except January, April, July and October in each of which he earns 3/2 times of average earning of remaining months. Due to this his savings in January, April, July and October each becomes 5/4 times than Average savings of remaining months which is Rs. 400 per month. Find the average expenditure per month of Rajeev?
(a) Rs. 266.66
(b) Rs. 250
(c) Rs. 233.33
(d) Rs. 433.33
(e) None of these


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