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Reasoning Notes, Tricks, Questions and Answers For All Bank Exams

A test of reasoning is the way through which organisations measure the mental and thinking ability of a candidate, thus it is a very important test in almost every competitive exam. All major recruitment exams have a test of reasoning to measure the General Intelligence of a person.

Broadly reasoning is said to be categorised into Inductive Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning. The Inductive reasoning is usually based on patterns and observation of those patterns whereas the deductive reasoning is a part where students must use logic to form a conclusion from the given scenario or set of statements.

Most of the questions asked in banking and insurance sector exams fall in the category of deductive reasoning ability. If you are preparing for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, NABARD, RBI, SBI Clerk, SBI PO, IBPS RRB and any other exam you must practice reasoning questions thoroughly as you have to face this section in both prelims and main examination.

Topics to Cover in Reasoning

If you are preparing for banking and insurance sector examinations, then you must practice the following topics of reasoning ability for prelims and main exam:

  • Puzzles: Month based puzzles, day based puzzles, random arrangement puzzles, floor based puzzles, order and ranking based puzzles, box based puzzles
  • Seating Arrangement : Circular Table, Linear, Parallel Rows, Square Table Seating Arrangement
  • Blood Relation : Blood Relation based puzzle, coded blood relation
  • Direction Sense : Direction Sense based puzzle, coded direction sense questions.
  • Inequality :Single line inequality, double line inequality, coded inequality
  • Coding Decoding: There are different types of coding decoding questions in the reasoning section.
  • Alpha-Numeric-Symbol Series: Here a series of alphabets, symbols and numbers is given followed by a set of questions where the candidate has to perform certain operations on the give series and mark the answer accordingly.
  • Alphabet Based Questions: Here a certain word(s) is given, and students are asked to find pairs of other meaningful words or perform specified operations.
  • Number based questions: To perform simple mathematical operations on given set of numbers.
  • Syllogism: Conditional Syllogism, Categorical Syllogism, Disjunctive Syllogism
  • Logical Reasoning: This is a whole new branch of reasoning ability test and it tests a student’s higher order thinking capacity. It includes sub-topics like statement and assumptions, cause and effect, strength of an argument, passage inference.
  • Other miscellaneous topic of reasoning ability includes Machine Input Output, calendars, condition-based questions, Data Sufficiency which is a mix of all other topic stated above.

    Here are the list of all the topics in the bank exams.

How to prepare Reasoning for Bank Exam?
Learn basic method and tricks to solve all different topics of the test of reasoning mentioned above. Anyone can solve the questions of reasoning, but the actual challenge is to solve them in limited amount of time. So, to prepare reasoning ability for competitive exams always follow a timer-based practice approach.
Which is the best book for Reasoning Ability?
Adda247’s ACE REASONING for Bank and Insurance examinations is the best book to study and practice the concepts of reasoning ability from the basic to an advanced level. This is the ultimate study guide for every beginner aiming to get a bank job in 2020. The book covers the theory of all important topic of reasoning along with practice exercises.

Salient Features of the ACE Reasoning Book

  • Based on Latest Pattern
  • 3 Level of Exercises
  • 1500+ Multiple Choice Questions with 100% solutions
  • Includes the Previous Year Questions of all the chapters

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You can also check a dedicated book to practice puzzles and seating arrangement as this topic covers more than 40% of the weightage of questions asked in the reasoning ability section of bank and insurance exams.

Salient Features of the Puzzle and Seating Arrangement Book:

-2500+ Questions on Puzzles & Seating Arrangement

- New pattern Based Questions of 2017-18 Exams including 10 practice sets

- Expect the Unexpected ones [Surprised Pattern]

-Incorporates more than 10 Types of Puzzles & Sitting Arrangement

-Incorporates the last 5-year Memory Based Questions asked in SBI, IBPS, RBI & Other Examinations

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Reasoning Tricks For Bank Exams

Free Daily Quizzes For Reasoning