Russia COVID-19 Vaccine: Latest Coronavirus Vaccine Updates

Russia Coronavirus Vaccine: With the increasing number of coronavirus affected patients across the globe, scientists and experts throughout the country are trying extremely hard to come up with a vaccine option at the earliest. Russia has claimed that it has finally come up with a potential result in terms of vaccination for fighting against COVID 19. 

Vaccination by Russia

Researchers have been working in the University of Sechenov of Russia to come up with vaccination against COVID 19. Also, the researchers working in the University has lately claimed that they have completed the step of clinical trials for the vaccination lately. 

The Health Ministry of Russia gave permission for the clinical trial of the vaccination after which immediately the University researchers started the trials from mid-June. The volunteers started the trials in an epidemiology research center, Gamaleya Institute. 

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Recently, the director of the Medical Parasitology Institute, Alexander Lukashev declared that the clinical trials that started mid-June have now come to an end successfully. He has also declared that this particular vaccine has become the very first vaccine against coronavirus in the world. 

Safety Concerns of the Vaccination

A lot of questions are making rounds regarding the safety concerns regarding the vaccination that the Russian University is claiming to have developed and tested against coronavirus. Upon this, the officials have cleared that before starting the trial on other humans in Gamaleya Institute, the vaccine was tested first on the director of the Institute along with some of the researchers. 

The researchers also mentioned that the results of the trials on humans have come up quite successfully. Lukashev addressed to the media agencies of Russia that the researchers have kept optimal care for safety while having a trial of the vaccinations on human subjects. 

Status of the Vaccine

Though the officials and the researchers of the University in Russia have claimed that the clinical trials and other formalities are completed, it is not sure about the timing since when the vaccine can start rolling in the market. 

There are some of the experts who are raising questions upon the stages involved in the testing of the vaccination. Also, there are some others who are doubting on the small team of volunteers who have been appointed for the purpose. So, it seems, further testing and research might be done before providing approval to the vaccination. Meanwhile, if the approvals are provided on time to the vaccine, it will become the very first vaccination available against coronavirus across the globe. 

Currently, there have been talks that the Russian University may also start trials of the vaccination on the humans of other countries such as China and Brazil to come up with better results. 

Along with the vaccination, the researchers in Russia are also studying a number of other things about COVID 19 such as other medical interventions to treat COVID positive patients, and others. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic?

Answer: It was on 30th January 2020 when the World Health Organization declared about the international concerns regarding COVID-19. 

Q2. When COVID 19 actually did break out?

Answer: The very first case of COVID 19 was noticed in the Wuhan city of China in the initial days of December 2019. 

Q3. Is there any cure for COVID 19 suggested?

Answer: Research throughout the world is in progress but as of now there has been no declared cure for the infection. 

Q4. Will the vaccination developed by Russia be effective?

Answer: Though the researchers in Russia have claimed about the effectiveness of the vaccine, there are other procedures going on after which any confirmation can be provided. 

Q5. Are there any countries still untouched by COVID 19 impact?

Answer: Though the infection has become a global pandemic, there are also a number of countries where there are no cases of COVID 19 reported as of now. These countries are Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Micronesia, North Korea, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands, Turkmenistan, and Vanuatu.