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30th November- Saint Andrew’s Day 2021

Saint Andrews Day- It is celebrated on 30th November in the honor of 1 of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, Saint Andrew. These disciples followed all of his teachings thoroughly and observed him closely. Saint Andrew’s Day is acknowledged as a national holiday in Scotland and across Europe. Why is it important for banking aspirants? Saint Andrew’s history with Europe and his works in Christianity can be a prolific asset to your general awareness skills. Who were these 12 disciples? What was St. Andrew’s relation with Scotland? How is this day celebrated? Read the whole article to find out.

About Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew and his brother Simon Peter were fishermen in Galilee, now known as Israel when they initially started following Jesus Christ. He was executed in the same manner as Jesus but instead of a T he insisted on an X-shaped cross because he thought he was unworthy to be martyred the same way as Jesus on 30th November 60AD in the country of Greece.

Saint Andrew is also the patron saint of Scotland and the people have been celebrating in his honor since 1000 AD but he was acknowledged as the patron saint in the year 1320. The flag of Scotland (X-shaped cross) was chosen as a tribute to St. Andrew because King Angus Mac Fergus saw the Saltire in the sky above right before his victory at Athelstaneford.

How do people celebrate Saint Andrews Day?

It is a national holiday and the day is further realized with a grand celebration of the rich Scottish culture, cuisine, performances, and the authentic ceilidh. Some regions such as the Eastern Lothian celebrate this with a 10K night run and other traditional arts and sports whereas, in northern Scotland, the Oban Winter Festival is celebrated with a great feast along with whisky and haggis tasting where performers sing Gaelic tunes.

The Apostles of Jesus

The 12 disciples of Jesus were proclaimed as the Apostles of Jesus. These people were his ardent followers and an important pillar of his biblical teachings. They are considered as one of the most respected and legendary beings according to the New Testament.

The 12 Apostles are-
i) Peter
ii) James
iii) John
iv) Andrew
v) Bartholomew
vi) James
vii) Judas
viii) Jude
ix) Matthew
x) Philip
xi) Simon the Zealot
xii) Thomas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- When is Saint Andrews Day Celebrated?
Ans- 30 November is celebrated as Saint Andrews Day.

Q2- What is the flag of Scotland called?
Ans- The flag of Scotland is called “The Saltire”.

Q3- What are the 12 disciples also known as?
Ans- The 12 disciples are famously known as the Apostles.

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