SBI PO 2018 Interview Experience – Anirban Paul

SBI PO 2018 Interview Experience

Name: Anirban Paul
Date: 10/10/2018
Panel No.: 1
Time: 10:30 AM
Group Discussion Topic : Is India’s Economic Growth Uniform and Inclusive?

My Name is Anirban Paul. I appeared for SBI PO 2018 Interview. I reached the center well ahead of time and was guided to the place where Document verification was being done. The person doing my verification was very helpful and ensured that the process went smoothly and tried to calm me down as well. After all my group members had completed our verification we were taken to a conference hall where we were greeted by two person who were also our moderators for GD/GE. We were briefed about the rules and regulations of the process and the process started.

After GD we were told about the rules of GE and it started. After completion of GE we were provided lunch and after that we were taken to a waiting room from where we were called for Interview.
Total Members – 3 (2 Male, 1 Female)

M1: Congratulations on clearing the process thus far. So tell us more about your family?
Me: Thank you sir. I told about my parents and siblings.
M2: Tells us about your parents work profile.
Me: Answered promptly.

M2: Tell me about SEZ?
Me: Told about Special economic zone.
M2: Why There is a  need of SEZ in a country like India and roles bank plays in it.
Me: Answered him and looked satisfied with the answer.
M1: Asked about somethings related to Basic Banking.
Me: Could answer them as well.
M2: Throw some light on Cryptocurrency?
Me: Answered.
M2: How Cryptocurriencies are mined?
Me: Answered him but he didnt look satisfied and kept on extrapolating from the topic and didnt look convinced with my knowledge about the topic.
L1: Tell us about your college and where it is Located?
Me: Answered.
M1: Thanked me and wished me All the Best for the Result.
Me: Thank you Sir!
Thanks to my friends and family and well wishers, i was able to clear the Interview stage and is looking forward to join SBI as PO.
All The Best Anirban for Future Endeavours!


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