SBI PO Mains Reasoning Ability Quiz: 7th July

| Updated On September 6th, 2019 at 12:49 pm

Dear Aspirants,

SBI PO Mains Reasoning Ability Quiz: 7th July

Reasoning Questions for SBI PO MAINS 2019

Reasoning Ability is a crafty section. With each passing year, all the organizations are increasing the level of complexity of the questions that are asked in either prelims or mains. It eventually affects the number of question one can usually attempt. But this section is based on logic and rules can be aced if practised well enough. The only way to achieve this ambitious goal is by practising continuously with dedication. So to prepare you with best tools for the finals, here is today’s Reasoning Quiz based on the study plan and the exact same pattern of questions that are expected to be asked in SBI PO MAINS 2019. Keep Practicing. All the best.

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Directions (1-5): Study the information and answer the given questions: 
Ten persons are going for competition on 20th and 25th of different months- January, February, June, September, December but not necessarily in the same order. All of them plays different games- Archery, Boxing, Badminton, Basketball, Football, Golf, Tennis, Shooting, Swimming and Volleyball.
The one who goes on 20th September plays Shooting. V goes on 25th of a month which having less than 31 days but not in February. Three persons are going in between V and W who plays Football. X are not going in September. Y and S are going in the same month. Y plays Swimming. U goes immediate after V. Three persons are going in between U and T who neither plays Archery nor Boxing. One of them who goes in June plays Tennis. W are not going for competition on last day. The one who plays Badminton and the one who plays Archery are not going for competition on same date. Two persons are going in between R and P who plays Golf. R goes for competition before P and does not play Boxing. Three persons are going in between the one who plays Tennis and the one who plays Volleyball. Two persons are going in between X and Q and none of them are going for competition in January and February. Y are not going for competition on an odd date. The one who plays Badminton are not going for competition on 20th of any month. T does not play Tennis.
Q1. Who among the following plays Volleyball?
None of these

Q2. The one who goes on 25th February Play which of the following game?
None of these
Q3. Which of the following is true about U?
25th -Badminton
September- Shooting
20th -Archery
June- Tennis
Q4. X goes which of the following month?
Q5. How many persons are going in between T and Q?
More than Six
Directions (6-8): In the following questions, the symbols #, &, @, * , $, % and © are used with the following meanings as illustrated below. Study the following information and answer the given questions: 
P@Q- P is the child of Q
P©Q- P is the parent of Q
P%Q- P is father-in-law of Q
P&Q- P is brother-in-law of Q
P$Q- P is brother of Q
P*Q- P is wife of Q
Q6. If ‘ K©M$O@S, K%R*O’ is true, how R is related to S?
None of these

Q7. If ‘E%G©K@D&F$U’ is true, how K is related to U?
Either (a) or (c)

Q8. If ‘S$R*T©M$V’ is true, how S is related to V?
Grand father
None of these

Directions (9-10): Each question given below consists of a statement, followed by three or four arguments numbered I, II, III and IV. You have to decide which of the arguments is/are ‘strong’ argument(s) and which is/are ‘weak’ argument(s) and accordingly choose your answer from the alternatives given below each question. 
Q9. Statement: Should India go in for computerization in all possible sectors?
I. Yes. It will bring efficiency and accuracy in the work.
II. No. It will be an injustice to the monumental human resources which are at present underutilized.
III. No. Computerization demands a lot of money. We should not waste money on it.
IV. Yes. When advanced countries are introducing computers in every field, how can India afford to lag behind?
Only I is strong
Only I and II are strong
Only I and III are strong
Only II and III are strong
All are strong
Clearly, the need of today is to put to better use the underutilized human resources. Computers with better and speedy efficiency can accomplish this. So, argument I holds, while II does not. Computerization is a much beneficial project and investment in it is not all a waste. So, III is not strong. Further, development in a new field is not a matter of merely following up other countries. So, IV also does not hold strong.
Q10. Statement: Should India immediately stop digging coal from its mines? 
I. Yes. The present stock of coal will not last long if we continue mining at the present rate.
II. No. We do not have alternate energy source of sufficient quantity.
III. No. This will put millions of people at a disadvantage and their lives will get adversely affected and also the industry.
Only I and II are strong
Only II and III are strong
Only I and III are strong
All are strong
None is strong
Though the reserves of coal are limited yet stopping its use till alternate source of energy have been discovered, is no solution to conserve it. So, I is not strong. It is true that we haven’t till date found a renewable source of energy which is available in plenty and can substitute coal. So, II holds strong. Further, stopping coal mining would surely throw the engaged workers out of employment. So, III also holds strong.
Directions (11-13): Study the information and answer the given questions: 
Six persons are sitting around a triangular table, three persons are sitting corners and facing inside while three persons are sitting at three sides facing outside. I sits second to the right of H. E sits second to the right of J. F sits third to the right of G. F is not an immediate neighbour of E. F faces inside.
Q11. Who among the following sits immediate right of H?
None of these

Q12. Who among the following sits opposite to E?
None of these
Q13. What is the position of G with respect to I?
Immediate Left
Immediate Right
Third to the left
Second to the right
None of these
Q14. If the expressions, 'A<D≤F>H^', 'F≥G' and 'E≥D' are true then which of the following combinations will be definitely true?
E = F
A < E
G = E
A < H
None of these
Q15. In which of the following expression will the expression 'P≤R does not hold true?

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