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How to Solve Reasoning Questions in SBI SO Bank Exams With Tips & Tricks

SBI SO Reasoning Questions

State Bank of India appoints candidates for the position of Specialist Officer in various branches nationwide. Various posts are included under SO, the selection process for which consists of an online examination and interview or interview. For the online exam, the aspiring candidates need to have a strong command over each of the sections asked and reasoning ability is one of them. In the given post, we have discussed the SBI SO Reasoning Questions and how to solve them with tips and tricks.

Weightage of Reasoning Ability in the SBI SO Exam

The SBI SO Exam has 2 sections: General Aptitude and Professional Knowledge. Reasoning Ability is one of the important sections of the General Aptitude part. From the given section, a total of 50 questions are asked for a maximum of 50 marks and candidates have to solve it in the overall time allotted. To crack the examination, aspirants need to have a good grasp of the topics of reasoning ability.

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Reasoning Questions in SBI SO Bank Exams

SBI SO Reasoning Questions are asked from a diverse range of topics that test candidates’ logical and analytical skills. To crack the SBI SO Reasoning Questions candidates need to have an understanding of the core concepts and the smart techniques to solve them. Here, we have listed down the reasoning ability topics asked in the SBI SO Bank Exam.

  • Seating Arrangement: SBI SO Reasoning Questions for Seating Arrangement can be as follows, aspirants would be asked to imagine people seated around a table or in a row. Candidates will be asked to determine their positions based on given constraints (who can’t sit together, who must be next to whom, etc.).
  • Blood Relation: SBI SO Reasoning Questions for Blood Relation involve family relationships (father, son, daughter, etc.) Candidates will have to decipher the connections between people based on the clues provided.
  • Syllogism: SBI SO Reasoning Questions for Syllogism include logical arguments with two premises and a conclusion. The task of aspirants will be to determine if the conclusion necessarily follows from the premises.
  • Inequality: SBI SO Reasoning Questions for Inequality involve relationships between variables expressed with symbols like > (greater than) or < (less than). Candidates will have to analyze the information and determine if the given conclusion holds true.
  • Coding-Decoding: SBI SO Reasoning Questions for Coding-Decoding involves patterns or rules for converting letters or numbers into different codes. Aspirants will have to decipher the code and apply it to solve the question.
  • Miscellaneous: The miscellaneous category of SBI SO Reasoning Questions includes questions on directions (North, South, East, West), calendars, logical puzzles, and more.

SBI SO Reasoning Questions: Tips & Tricks To Solve

Reasoning Ability can be the highest-scoring section for many candidates participating in the SBI SO Online Examination. To boost the score, candidates need to practice regularly which will help them to gain confidence for the real examination. In the given section, we have mentioned the tips and tricks to solve SBI SO Reasoning Questions.

  • Be familiar with various question formats: SBI SO Reasoning Questions include puzzles (seating arrangement, blood relation, syllogism, inequality, coding-decoding, etc. Recognizing the pattern helps candidates approach the question strategically.
  • Read Carefully: Before solving read the question meticulously, grasp the information provided, and identify the type of question.
  • Become a Diagramming Pro: Represent the information visually using diagrams, tables, or charts. This helps organize data and identify patterns.
  • Start Simple, Level Up Gradually: Attempt easier questions on miscellaneous topics like syllogisms or alphanumeric series first. Build confidence before tackling complex puzzles.
  • Mine the Information: Identify the key details and use them to eliminate answer choices that contradict the given scenario.
  • Negative Marking: As there is a negative marking in the online examination, candidates should skip a question when they are not sure and revisit it later if time permits as guessing can be risky.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Regular practice with mock tests and previous years’ question papers familiarizes candidates with the exam pattern and enhances their problem-solving skills.

To solve puzzles candidates should first look for clues about who can’t sit together or have specific relative positions. Then they must use the given information to logically deduce the placement of people or relations between them. If someone can’t be in a particular position, eliminate answer choices that place them there.


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Is Reasoning Ability questions asked in SBI SO Exam?

Yes, Reasoning Ability questions are asked in SBI SO Exam.

What are the various topics for SBI SO Reasoning Questions?

The various topics for SBI SO Reasoning Questions are Seating Arrangement, Blood Relation, Syllogism, Inequality, etc.

How to Solve Reasoning Questions in SBI SO Bank Exams With Tips & Tricks?

To Solve Reasoning Questions in SBI SO Bank Exams With Tips & Tricks has been discussed in the given article.