Sentence Completion for IBPS PO Prelims Exam: 30th August 2018

Dear Aspirants, 
Sentence Completion for IBPS PO Prelims Exam: 30th August 2018
Sentence Completion for IBPS PO Prelims Exam
IBPS PO Prelims is in its way and lot of aspirants are heading towards new hopes with this upcoming opportunity. Thus, English Language can be an impetus for their success by saving time and scoring well. So, instead of boiling the ocean, try building up a strong vocabulary, an effective knowledge of grammar, and efficient comprehension skills so as to be on the ball to face this particular section. Here is a quiz on English Language being provided by Adda247 to let you practice the best of latest pattern English Questions for upcoming IBPS PO exam.

Directions (1-15): In each of the questions given below an incomplete sentence which must be filled/completed with one of the sentences/words given below .i.e. one of the sentences/words can be fit into the given blanks. Choose the correct option and complete the given sentences. 

Q1. The raids and arrests ________________ from opposition leaders as well as human rights and civil liberties activists.

incited the mob
encouraged the others
sparked outrage and protests
outraged the public
None of these

‘sparked outrage and protests’ because the given blank in the sentence is followed by the preposition ‘from’. Thus, this is only the alternative which fits into the blank and makes the sentence grammatically and contextually meaningful.

Q2. An increasing number of apartment complexes in the city are __________ workshops on child sexual abuse and safety for both adults and children with help of non-profit organization.

None of these

‘organizing’ means making arrangements or preparations for (an event or activity). Here, organization of the workshops has been talked.

Q3. There are several more schools that have not started teaching Kannada. We want parents to inform us so that we can conduct _________________ based on the information they provide.

surprise inspections
surprise investigations
surprise interceptions
surprised inspections
None of these

‘surprise inspections’ because the department is planning to conduct the inspection in the school where they have heard that the Kannada is not being taught as per the information given by the parents.

Q4. The civic body ____________________ on internet service providers and telecom companies, who are expected to lay cables underground and repair the road immediately, but instead, have been flouting this norm.

had come by heavily
had come out to be heavy
had come in heavily
had come down heavily
None of these

‘had come down heavily’ as it is a phrase which means to punish someone or treat someone severely, and the idiom/phrase should be used in its original form.

Q5. If this school has a rich history spanning 160 years to boast about, so does its alumni association. From reconnecting old students to helping the current ones, the association does its bit to ______________ the school and it has been at it for a hundred years.

None of these

‘strengthen’ as the alumni association does its best to connect the old students to the new ones and strengthen it as well.

Q6. The fact that we alumni have been able to maintain strong ties with the school for this long is very unique. Many __________ personalities have been part of the association, including former Indian cricket captain Rahul Dravid.

None of these

‘Eminent’ means famous and respected within a particular sphere. Thus, it would follow the word ‘personalities’.

Q7. The petitioner has sought a declaration from the court that the election of Mr. Munirathna is void as he had ______________ in serious electoral corrupt practices.

completely involve
allegedly indulged
purportedly includes
similarly involved
None of these

‘allegedly indulged’ means that it has been claimed that the person or thing is purportedly involved in the scenario that took place. Thus, it’s the only alternative which goes with the context.

Q8. The accused barged into his father’s house at Shakambari Nagar on Tuesday morning while he was performing a ceremony to mark one month of his wife’s death and __________ him.

None of these

‘attacked’ as the accused person barged or entered the house and attacked another person.

Q9. Abhishek, who works in an automobile company, is the oldest of three children, and lived on the second floor of a building __________ by his father.

None of these

‘owned’ is used for the possession in the context.

Q10. It provides midday meals to ____________ students and provides health and accident insurance to the teaching and non-teaching staff.

None of these

‘underprivileged’ because it is obvious that the meals would have only be provided to only those who are underprivileged.

Q11. Kohli, who missed out on his ________________ with Surrey due to an injury, however said that he would love to play first-class cricket in England.

much-awaited country instinct
much-hyped county stint
most-wanted country instinct
more-hyped country stint
None of these

‘much-hyped county stint’ means much-discussed country time period in which Kohli was supposed to do something (as per the context).

Q12. They created a __________ set of assumptions across all nutrients and used more detailed age- and sex-specific food supply datasets to improve estimates of the impacts across 225 different foods.

None of these

‘unified’ means something which is specified as unique.

Q13. We cannot disrupt most of the biophysical conditions to which we have adapted over millions of years without _______________ on our own health and wellbeing.

contingent impacts
unanticipated impacts
anticipated effects
estimated affects
None of these

‘unanticipated impacts’ means unexpected impacts.

Q14. The scale of this extinction was so ___________ that scientists have often wondered what made the Siberian Flood Basalts so much more deadly than other similar eruptions.

None of these

‘incredible’ means unbelievable

Q15. The large reservoir of halogens that _____________ in the Siberian lithosphere was sent into the Earth’s atmosphere during the volcanic explosion, effectively destroying the ozone layer at the time and contributing to the mass extinction.

was stored
was used
was embedded
was involved
None of these

‘was stored’ as the large reservoir of the halogens was stored in the inner most layer of the earth.


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