Student’s Review on SBI Clerk Mains 2020 Exam- State-wise Good Attempts

The recently held SBI Clerk Mains has instilled a sense of worry amongst all banking aspirant as the level of the exam reported by students was very difficult and lengthy. Our team on 31st October, collected reviews from various aspirants across the nation and here we are sharing with you what is the Student’s Review on SBI Clerk Mains 2020 Exam.

The State Bank of India’s Clerical recruitment notification was released earlier this year and prelims were conducted in Feb and March 2020, after which the coronavirus pandemic happened and the recruitment process was put on hold due to the nationwide lockdown. In October, SBI released the preliminary exam’s result and conducted the much awaited SBI Clerk Mains Exam, which is also the final phase of test in this recruitment in 2 shifts on 31st October 2020.

SBI Clerk Mains 2020 State-wise Good Attempts

Muddam Ugesh from Karnataka attempted 90 questions and said “the exam was very difficult and lengthty; I felt sbi clerk is more difficult then sbi po”

Deepshikha Halder from West Bengal felt that the exam was Moderate – Difficult and she attempted 103 questions. She quoted- “Quant n reasoning was time consuming. I think quant was tough.”

BS Pratap also felt that the SBI Clerk Mains 2020 exam was not a clerical level paper, rather it was of an officer grade Main exam level. He attempted 76 questions from Maharashtra.

Inder Kumar from Himachal Pradesh attempted 118 questions in SBI Clerk Mains 2020 with 80% accuracy in GA and 90% accuracy in other 3 sections. He said “the paper was difficult than IBPS clerk mains 2020”

Palak Pandya attempted 101 questions from Gujarat and said “English was the easiest one but maths and reasoning quite lengthy.”

Rahul Tailor said “Exam moderate to difficult tha or lengthy bhi kafi tha jis kaaran se kafi students ko jyada difgicult lga hoga. Actually current affair me kafi pehle ka puchh liya tha like 2005 tk ka bhi puchha tha jisme maximum students ko difficulty hui. Reasoning confusing tha kyo ki konsa question choose kre ye samajhne me kafi time waste ho rha tha because usme esa hota he ke ya to question banega ya time waste krega islie usme bhi time ja rha tha.” He attempted 92 questions from Madhya Pradesh.

Parul Singla from Punjab attempted 115 questions and said- “it was ok bt ga section in shift 2 was very badly framed…i did 30 ..25-26 are accurate…bt i actually expected to do 40”

Students who appeared in the second shift, felt that their paper was more difficult than shift-1. Here are reviews shared by shift-2 candidates of SBI Clerk Mains 2020 Exam.

Mamoon Mir from Himachal Pradesh said “Compared to what the students of shift 1 were mentioning, I feel the Shift 2 i.e. my shift was way too difficult and lengthy.” He attempted 109 questions in shift 2.

Sivaji appeared for SBI Clerk Mains in second shift from Karnataka and attempted 95 questions, he said “Shift 2 is very tough …..not more than 100 attempts of maximum…..many are between 80-90 attempts”

Tanoy Paul from West Bengal attempted 87 questions in 2nd shift and said “2nd shift. GA was epic. Eng was moderate. Math difficult and lengthy. reasoning difficult and time consuming.”

What is the overall good attempts for this exam?

From the analysis and review that we have collected from students who appeared in SBI Clerk Mains from different states, on an average we can say the good attempts lie between 83 to 95. Team bankersadda wishes you all the best fro results and we request you to keep on preparing for upcoming exams, as you should not miss any opportunity this year.

SBI Clerk Mains Attempts by Students from Different States

Name State for which you have applied for SBI Clerk 2020 Recruitment: How many questions did you attempt in SBI Clerk Mains 2020? How was the difficulty level of the exam for you
Muddam Ugesh Karnataka 90 Very Difficult and lengthy
udit vyas gujarat 110 Difficult
Deepshikha Halder West Bengal 103 Moderate – Difficult
Np sangam kumar telangana 91 Difficult
SHAIKH NAZIM Maharashtra 119 Moderate – Difficult
Aniket Maharashtra 96 Moderate – Difficult
Purba Nayek Maharashtra 104 Difficult
Utsarg Shrouti Madhya pradesh 130 Very Difficult and lengthy
Swagatik Debata Odisha 103 Difficult
Dharmendra kumar Uttar Pradesh 93 Difficult
Riya Khandelwal Jharkhand 101 Moderate
Snigdha Dash Odisha 90 Moderate – Difficult
Arti Up 93-95 Difficult
Varsha Mohanty Odisha 98 Moderate – Difficult
Bs pratap Maharashtra 76 Very Difficult and lengthy
Dhwani Vaishnav Gujarat 95 Moderate – Difficult
Inder kumar Hp 118 Difficult
ANNOJU SHYAM SUNDAR Telangana 118 Moderate – Difficult
Geeta warghade Maharashtra Only 60 Difficult
Inder Kumar Hp 118 with 80% accuracy in ga and 90% accuracy in other 3 sections Difficult
ushma goyal Madhya Pradesh 100 Very Difficult and lengthy
Surabhi Karnataka 118 Difficult
Amit kumar Karnatka 88 Difficult
Himanshu Chhattisgarh Total 92 Ga39 english 27 math15 reas11 Very Difficult and lengthy
Mamta Himachal Pradesh 85 Difficult
Sudhir Kumar swain Odisha 100 Moderate – Difficult
Palak Pandya Gujarat 101 Moderate
Pinky Mizoram 125 Very Difficult and lengthy
Ravindra koshti Gujarat 98 Moderate – Difficult
pk choudhary rajasthan 98 Very Difficult and lengthy
Manali meena Rajasthan 75 Very Difficult and lengthy
Dibakar Debbarma Tripura 61 Moderate – Difficult
Md adnan West Bengal 184 Easy
NETRAVATI KARNATAKA 86 Moderate – Difficult
Madhvan Misra Uttar Pradesh 92 Difficult
Viki Biswas West Bengal 99 Difficult
Rahul Tailor Madhya pradesh 92 Moderate – Difficult
akshaya bobade maharashtra 97 Difficult
Upasana Madhukalya Assam 81 Moderate – Difficult
Yashi Shukla Uttar Pradesh 102 Moderate – Difficult
Uday Besra Odisha 74 Very Difficult and lengthy
Ketan Joshi Delhi 107 Moderate – Difficult
ABHINANDAN KUMAR Bihar 108 Moderate – Difficult
Srihari Tamil Nadu 92 Difficult
Romy Mizoram 75 Very Difficult and lengthy
Umang Rajasthan 129 Difficult
Naresh Rajasthan 80 Difficult
Vijaya Maharashtra 81 Very Difficult and lengthy
Hdhjskhsshjs Telangana 96 Moderate – Difficult
Roshan Maharashtra 107 Moderate – Difficult
K.Sailaja Karnataka 88 Very Difficult and lengthy
K Venkatesh Andhra Pradesh 115 Difficult
Amar bath mishra Meghalaya 85 Very Difficult and lengthy
Mandala sandeep Telangana 102 Moderate – Difficult
Parul Singla Punjab 115 Moderate – Difficult
Kritika Jain New Delhi 97 Moderate – Difficult
Arti Maharashtra 97 Difficult
Sukanya Chatterjee West Bengal 100 Difficult
Maneet Haryana 114 Very Difficult and lengthy
Mamoon Mir Himachal Pradesh 109 Very Difficult and lengthy
Amit kumar das West Bengal 75 Moderate – Difficult
Nitesh Kumar Maharashtra 104 Moderate – Difficult
Vikash Rajasthan 75 Moderate
Shekhar Jaimyal Uttarakhand 90 Very Difficult and lengthy
Harshita Uttar Pradesh 108 Moderate – Difficult
Shradha M.P. 90 Difficult
Siddhant Madhya Pradesh 102 Difficult
akanksha up 89 Very Difficult and lengthy
Sunil kumar Uttarakhand 110 Difficult
Shubham sathe Maharashtra 81 Difficult
Vikrant kumar UP 113 Difficult
Sivaji Karnatka 95 Very Difficult and lengthy
Gopal Maharashtra 102 Very Difficult and lengthy
TANOY PAUL WEST BENGAL 87 Very Difficult and lengthy
PARAS NARULA Rajasthan 98 Moderate – Difficult
R Bindupriya Karnataka 60 Difficult
Shiva Yes 100 Moderate – Difficult
Piyush Ranasthan 109 Very Difficult and lengthy
Santu Kerla 90 Very Difficult and lengthy
Avinash Dhakne Maharashtra 110 Difficult
Anu shekhawat Gujrat 98 Difficult
SELVADINESH Tamilnadu 102 Difficult
Vimal singhal Up 98 Moderate – Difficult
FCC Punjab 86 Difficult
Snigdha Yerasi Telangana 115 Moderate – Difficult
Abhijith Kerala 116 Moderate – Difficult
Rohit HP 86 Moderate – Difficult
Sanjay Kujur WEST BENGAL 91 Moderate
rajani kanwar RAJASTHAN 118 Very Difficult and lengthy
Navneet Bihar 107 Moderate – Difficult
Subham Kundu West Bengal 112 Moderate – Difficult
Roji sharma Maharashtra 116 Moderate – Difficult
Chikka Vishnu Aditya Sai Telangana 110 Moderate – Difficult
Aman Punjab 78 Very Difficult and lengthy
tanisj rajasthan 75 Very Difficult and lengthy
AKASH SRIVASTAVA Uttar Pradesh 91 Moderate – Difficult
sanjay rajasthan 120 Very Difficult and lengthy
Jyoti Chalana Gujarat 101 Moderate – Difficult
ANIL KUMAR gujrat 110 Moderate – Difficult
Kesavan S Tamil Nadu 124 Moderate – Difficult
Tanushri saha West Bengal 108 Moderate – Difficult
Rajalakshmy Kerala 90 Difficult
nagasai telangana 2nd 90 Difficult
geeta sau west bengal 114 Difficult
Ritesh vasuniya MP 85 Very Difficult and lengthy
Sanjay choudhary Rajasthan 103 Moderate
Rajashree Karnataka 102 Moderate – Difficult
Arun Maharashtra 104 Very Difficult and lengthy
Supriya Sable MAHARASHTRA 108 Moderate – Difficult
ShenbagaDevi Tamilnadu 99 Very Difficult and lengthy
Malleswari Karnataka 2 Easy-Moderate
Mahender J&k 62 Very Difficult and lengthy
abhay sen Bihar 110 Moderate
Prerna Bihar 94 Moderate – Difficult
b ravinder gujrat 107 Difficult
Mamatha Telangana 123 Moderate – Difficult
Kalyani Gorle Karnataka 101 Difficult
Saiteja Telangana 85 Moderate – Difficult
Shiva Bihar 106 Difficult
Ritika Gujarat 120 Moderate – Difficult
Gobburu Aravind Koushik Karnataka 100 Moderate – Difficult
Sirsha Chatterjee West Bengal 102 Moderate – Difficult
k.k.singh uttar pradesh 110 Moderate
Priyanka yadav UP 94 Moderate
Ayush Dashore Madhya pradesh 101 Difficult
Aswathy M V Kerala 86 Very Difficult and lengthy
Deepshikha Halder West Bengal 103 Moderate – Difficult
Sandeep kaur Punjab 93 Moderate – Difficult
Sandeep shivhare M.P. 101 Moderate – Difficult
Pratibha k punjab 101 Difficult
Namrata Ghosh West Bengal 61 Very Difficult and lengthy
Pilla siddhu ANDHRAPRADESH 100 Moderate
Rajesh odisha 125 Very Difficult and lengthy
Priyambada karn Maharashtra 108 Moderate – Difficult
Princy Agnihotri Uttar Pradesh 125 Moderate
Krishna Rajasthan 126 Moderate
Poonam Soni jharkand 85 Moderate – Difficult
Devashree Panchal Gujarat 103 Moderate – Difficult
tushar rajasthan 114 Difficult
Durba Dasgupta Tripura 86 Very Difficult and lengthy
Pushpesh Bihar 90 Very Difficult and lengthy
Vikram Tamilnadu 96 Moderate – Difficult
Lakhveer Rajsthan 78 Moderate – Difficult
Saket Gupta MP 121 Difficult
Rajni Gujrat 82 Very Difficult and lengthy
Sandy Assam 100 Moderate – Difficult
KANAGUDURU BHAVANI Karnataka 80 Difficult
Aman Guj 114 Moderate – Difficult
Pooja Rajasthan 100 Moderate – Difficult
Deepak Shakya Madhya Pradesh 138 Moderate – Difficult
Prathiba V Tamilnadu 100 Difficult
sowjanya Andhrapradesh 77 Moderate – Difficult
Shubham West Bengal 89 Difficult
Kamlesh Rajasthan 105 Moderate – Difficult
Deepshikha Halder West Bengal 103 Moderate – Difficult
Vara Prasad Karnataka 80 Difficult
B SHREEHARSHA Madhya Pradesh 90 Difficult
Rohit Sharma Haryana 100 Moderate – Difficult
Ahilan Tamil Nadu 92 Difficult
Chintan Gujarat 100 Difficult
R Gujarat 108 Moderate – Difficult
Lankesh Kumar Tamil Nadu 115 Moderate – Difficult
subhendu odisha 101 Difficult
Harish Kumar reddy Telangana 93-96 Very Difficult and lengthy
Akash Maharashtra 83 Difficult
Ingilala sandhya Karnataka 77 Easy-Moderate
G Santhoshi Telangana 100 Moderate
piyush kumar gupta RAJASTHAN 105 Difficult
Yashi Uttar Pradesh 92 Moderate
Saurav Debnath Assam 130 Moderate – Difficult
prachi maharashtra 75 Very Difficult and lengthy
Pritam Kumar Rout Odisha 114 Moderate – Difficult
Veeraganta Parameswari Andhra Pradesh 107 Moderate – Difficult
Rishabh MP 104 Moderate
DIPTY Maharashtra 105 Very Difficult and lengthy
Sonu Rajasthan 119 Moderate – Difficult