Study Notes: Course of Action For Bank PO


Study Notes: Course of Action For Bank PO

Today we’ll discuss the Cource of Action. This topic is can fetch you marks easily but you need to know the right concepts and types of questions to practice. So, here we are with clear and detail concept of Courses of Action.

What is the Course of Action? 

A Course of Action is a step or administrative decision to be taken for improvement, follow up or further action with regard to the problem, policy etc. on the basis of the information given in the statement.

There are two broad types of pattern in Courses of Action : –
1. Problem and solution based:–This is the case in which presented situation talks of a problem and the suggested courses of action talks of a solution.
2. Facts and improvement based:– This is the case in which presented situation talks about simple facts and courses of action for their improvement.

Some important points which should be in mind while solving Courses of Action:–
1. Course of action should be viable i.e you should take that course of action which are within your limit, which you are able to do that.
2. Action must be the solution i.e you should take that course of action which will solve or minimize the problem.
3. Action must be instant.
4. Action should be logically correct.
5. You cannot take any harsh action.
6. Action must be related to the problem.
7. A course of action cannot be repeated if it has previously failed.
8. A course of Action should be preventive in nature.
9. Remember that opinions are not a course of action.
10. A course of action cannot be illegal.
Note:– In most of the cases, a situation has more than one course of action. But they are never exclusive to each other. So our answer should be always “Both follow” and not “either of them follows”.
So, in simple word, we can say that-Take that Course of Action which solves or minimize the problem.

The pattern of questions asked in exams:–
Directions:– In each question below, a statement followed by two courses of action numbered I and II, on the basis of the information given in the statement you have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then decide which of the suggested course of action logically follow for pursuing.
Mark your answer as:—
(a) If Only I follows
(b) If Only II follows
(c) If either I or II follows
(d) If Neither I nor II follows
(e) If Both I and II follow
Some times in the exam more than two Courses of Action are given. And the option will be given according to that.

Now, let’s take some example of Courses of Action 

Example 1. Statement :– The inmates of Jail X are very dangerous people.
Courses of Action : –
(i) More security personnel should be posted to guard the jail.
(ii) Some inmates should be shifted to a different jail.
Explanation:– only 1st course of action follows because in a statement it is mentioned that the inmates are very dangerous people so, it is better to deploy more guards to prevent any wrong happening but 2nd course of action is not viable. Shifting is not a solution of the problem.

Example 2. Statement :– Severe drought is reported to have set in several parts of the country.
Courses of Action:–
(i) Govt. Should immediately make arrangement for providing financial assistance to those affected.
(ii) Food, water, and fodder should immediately be sent to all these areas to save the people and cattle.
Explanation:– In the break-out of a natural calamity, the basic duty of the Govt. becomes to provide the basic amenities essential to save the lives of people and cattle. So, only 2nd conclusion follows.

Example 3. Statement:– Three persons were caught with huge arms and ammunition in the city.
Courses of Action:– 
(i) Police should be instructed for night patrolling.
(ii) The three persons should be set free and their movements should be carefully watched to nab the other criminals.
Explanation:– The police should at once be made cautions and put on high alert to prevent any unwanted incident. Also, once caught, such criminals ought not to be released. They can be interrogated d to detect other criminals.
So, only 1st conclusions follow.

Example 4. Statement:– The teenager was arrested by the police for taking drugs.
Courses of Action:–
(i) The teenager should be meted with corporal punishment by the police.
(ii) The teenager should be sent to a drug rehabilitation center.
Explanation:– Only 2nd course of action follows because, for their improvement, the teenager should be sent to a drug rehabilitation center. 1st one is a harsh course of Action.

Example 5. Statement:– India’s performance in the recent Olympic games was very poor. Not even a single medal could be bagged by the players. Govt. has spent Rs. 5 crores in training and deputing a team of players to participate in the Olympic Games.
Courses of Action:–
(i) India should stop sending players to the future Olympic Games.
(ii) Govt. Should immediately set up an inquiry commission to find out the reason for India’s dismal performance.
Explanation:– Stop sending players to the Olympic games is not a solution but an inquiry commission should be set up to find out where the team is lacking. So, only the 2nd course of action follows.

We have given our best to make you understand the concept of “Course of Action” with some different examples with their explanation. Hope you will be able to get things clear. 

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