Study Notes: Direction Sense For Bank PO

Here are the study notes of Reasoning Ability based on Direction Sense which will help you to ace your preparation. Direction Sense is a very important chapter in the reasoning section of any competitive exams.

There are usually 3 – 5 questions in any exam from the topic. So, we are here with detail concept of “Direction Sense” which will help a student in boosting their marks in the exam.
Direction test is introduced to test the ‘sense of direction’ of the candidate. This test is for ascertain the final direction or distance between two points.

Direction Sense For Bank PO

Some important points which should keep in mind while solving direction test:–
  • Always try to use the direction planes as the reference for all the questions.
  • Always mark the starting point and endpoint different from other points.
  • Always be attentive while taking right and/or left turns.
  • While solving the direction test, you should keep in mind the below diagram as reference:–
You should be aware of the basic geometric rule, such as Pythagoras Theorem.
AC^2=AB^2+ BC^2
∴AC=√(AB^2+BC^2 )
Where  ∆ABC is a right-angled triangle
Example 1- Harsh starts walking and covers a distance of 10 m towards the north and after that 10 m towards east. He then turned to the south and covered 5 m. Further, he turns to the east and moves 8 m. Finally, he turned right and walks 9 m. What is the shortest distance between his final and initial point and in which direction he is finally from his starting point?
Example 2- Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
Harsh starts walking in the south direction and after walking 7m he takes a left turn and walks 8m. From there, he takes another left turn and walks 4m and after that, he takes a right turn and covers a distance of 4 m. Finally, he moves in the west direction and covers a distance of 8 m to reach his destination.
What is the direction of Harsh’s final position with respect to his initial position and what is the distance between Harsh’s initial position and his final position?
What is the direction of Sam with respect to Harsh’s initial position, if Sam is standing to the south of Harsh’s final position at a distance of 10 m?
Sol.  Southeast
Example 3- Read the information carefully and answer the question:
Point J is 5m north of point R. Point K is 12m east of point J. Point M is 3m north of point K. Point L is 18m west of point M. Point D and R lies in a straight line horizontally. Point D is south of point L.
In which direction is point L with respect to J?
Sol. north-west
What is the shortest distance between point K and R?



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