Take Care Now, than to feel Sorry Latter

Dear Readers,

Bankersadda is extremely concerned for our student’s health. This season isn’t going well for many as Chikungunya, malaria, viral fever and dengue are the writings on the wall. You certainly do not want to compromise with your health and your chances of fulfilling your dream.

Do you want to miss out your chance of being a PO because you were ill?

We’ve received mails of many students who are ill  and are worried about preparation for exam. Even last year many students mailed us that they could have attempted 10 more questions but they couldn’t as they had fever and watery eyes and weren’t able to concentrate well. We don’t want that to happen to you.

 A wise decision or simple precaution can make or break your dream this time.

This is very important time for every Banking and SSC aspirant; you have all the exams lined up ahead BOM, IBPS, RRB, IPPB and ECGC. You’ve been preparing day in day out for over a year to land a job in banking section and this fall the real face off begins. But there is one thing which you should really take care off, Your Health.

This time ahead brings a bag full of opportunities for every banking aspirant, this is the time when all your hard work and dedication will pay off. But you would never want that to get that hampered because of some carelessness or health issues. Airborne and Mosquito-borne diseases have griped many cities in India and this alarming situation can be a hurdle for you if your health gets compromised and you get caught up in this.

Why not to take care now, than to miss your opportunity and feel sorry then? You’ll not just miss your chance but also you’d be wasting a year and all of this can be avoided by certain precautionary measure.
We have many students mailing us and sharing their grieving reality of how a disease is not just a health issue this time, but a hazard for their preparation and some even fear not being able to give the upcoming IBPS PO and BOM exam that efficiently. Yashita a silent reader of Bankersadda never thought that she’ll get so sick that she’ll be hospitalised at this time when she should be really practicing and preparing for her upcoming IBPS PO Prelims exam which is on 16th October.  Yashita is suffering from Chikungunya, and is stressed as she fears her hard work and preparation for PO Exam might go in vain.

This is not a happening just with Yashita, we are receiving many e-mails of students sharing their situation and they are concerned of how to gain back the concentration and efficiency for preparation as not much time is left for IBPS PO and BOM exam. Students, you cannot really afford to compromise your health and you career. Another student Nitesh is suffering from Dengue and he is worried if he’ll be able to do well in IBPS exam and how is he going to prepare as not much days are there. Being ill will not just hamper your preparation but it also affects student’s efficiency and confidence in exam time. 

Be conscious of what you eat and drink and avoid too cold beverages and eating from any unhealthy outlet as influenza is in the air and you would not want to contract a disease and compromise with your career plans. Many cities are affected by Chikungunya and Dengue epidemic, so be safe and be aware of mosquito-borne diseases. It’s better to avoid going to such areas with high chances of mosquito bite and then getting sick.  You can use mosquito repellent to be safe till some extent.
You might be well prepared for IBPS PO or BOM exam but what if at this moment of time you catch a disease just because you didn’t take care of yourself?  You could have secured a place there but you’ll miss your chance! Don’t let that happen to yourself. Study well and take care of yourself.