The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- A New Dimension | 5 September

The Hindu Editorial Article of 5 September 2020 – A New Dimension.

Militarisation (noun) सैन्यकरण
Meaning:- It is the process by which a society organizes itself for military conflict and violence.

Misspoke (verb)
Meaning:- express oneself in an insufficiently clear or accurate way.
Synonyms:- deceive, mislead
Antonyms:- be honest, destroy
Example:- Miss Condelick Smith called it dinner: she misspoke herself.

Reticence (noun) अल्पभाषिता
Meaning:-the quality of being reticent; reserve.
Synonyms:- hesitation, shyness
Example:- In no duty towards others is there more need of reticence and self-restraint.

Assertion (noun) अभिकथन
Meaning: -a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief.
Synonyms:- affirmation, allegation
Antonyms:- desertion, quiet
Example:- Her assertion was disregarded as to the inability to change.

Contention (noun) विवाद
Meaning:-heated disagreement.
Synonyms:- argument, conflict
Antonyms:- accord, agreement
Example:- Then I wish that bone of contention was from between the two churches.

Veiled (verb) अप्रत्यक्ष
Meaning:- partially conceal, disguise, or obscure.
Synonyms:- cloaked, concealed
Antonyms:- bare, exposed
Example:- In every litter sat a veiled woman, and the princess was in their midst.

Convinced (adjective) यक़ीन करनेवाला
Meaning:-completely certain about something.
Synonyms:- indoctrinated, persuaded
Example:- This convinced me that the cart belonged to Mr. Gosse, who I knew had returned.

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Formulation (noun) सूत्रीकरण
Meaning:- the action of creating or preparing something.
Synonyms:- grouping, institution
Antonyms:- disorganization, disproportion
Example:- The various steps in the formulation of such a measure reviewed.

Treaty (noun) संधि
Meaning:- a formally concluded and ratified agreement between states.
Synonyms:- accord, alliance
Antonyms:- antagonism, disagreement
Example:- He is now actually in treaty for an inn, which will do his business for life.

Alliance (noun) संधि
Meaning:- a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations.
Synonyms:- accord, affiliation
Antonyms:- antagonism, detachment
Example:- We must take them into our alliance, or they will destroy all our theories of self-government.

Expansion (noun) विस्तार
Meaning:- the action of becoming larger or more extensive.
Synonyms:- development, enlargement
Antonyms:- abridgment, compression
Example:- The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.

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