The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary of 21 September- Cricket in action

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The IPL 2020 has begin and the cricket fervour is on!! We bring you the Hindu Editorial vocabulary of the article “Cricket in action” published in the editorial segment of the esteemed newspaper “The Hindu”. Editorials are a good way to understand effective writing and building your vocabulary, so go through the word-meaning list given below and try to use these words in your sentences to improve your English Language skills.

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1. Glitzy (adjective)- जादुई – attractive in a showy and often superficial way.

Synonyms- splendid, exciting, impressive, magnificent

2. Fix (noun) – ठीक कर– a dose of something that is considered causing addiction
Synonyms- dose, hit, rush

3. Inevitable (adjective)- अपरिहार्य – certain to happen and cannot be prevented
Synonyms: unavoidable, inescapable, inexorable

4. Soaring (Verb)- बढ़ना- If the amount, value, level, or volume of something soars, it quickly increases by a great deal.
Synonyms: tower, rise, climb, go up

5. Craving (Noun)- तृष्णा – an intense desire or longing

6. Brooked (Verb)- बर्दाश्त करना– tolerate or allow (something, typically dissent or opposition).
Synonyms: tolerate, allow, stand, bear, abide

7. Purists (noun)- शुद्धतावादियों– A purist is a person who wants something to be totally correct or unchanged, especially something they know a lot about.
Synonyms: stickler, traditionalist, perfectionist, classicist

8. Logistical (adjective)- सैन्य– relating to the organization of something complicated.

9. Relentless (adjective)- दयाहीन– unceasingly intense
Synonyms- persistent, continuing, constant, continual

10. Inaugural (adjective)- उद्घाटन– marking the beginning of anything- an institution, activity, or period of office.
Synonyms: first, opening, initial, maiden

11. Pitted (adjective)- खड़ा– having a hollow or indentation on the surface.

12. dished out (transitive verb)- परोसना– to give or dispense freely dish out gifts dish out advice dish out punishment.

13. Latter (adjective)- बाद वाला- denoting the second or second mentioned of two people or things.

14. Lay off (phrasal verb)- छंटनी- temporary suspension or permanent termination of event, employment etc.

15. Fraught (adjective)- भरा हुआ– If you say that a situation or action is fraught, you mean that it is worrying or difficult.
Synonyms: tense, trying, difficult, distressing

16. Stringent (adjective)- कड़ी से कड़ी– conditions are very severe or are strictly controlled.
Synonyms: strict, tough, rigorous, demanding

17. Endeavour (noun)- प्रयास– an attempt to achieve a goal.

(Courtesy- Collins Dictionary)

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