The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary- Test By Choice|8 September 2020

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The Hindu Editorial Article of 8th September 2020- Test By Choice

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1. Nuance (noun) सूक्ष्म भेद युक्त: A slight degree of difference or distinction in opinion

  • Meaning: Slight variation
  • Synonyms: Refinement, Nicety
  • Example: Without understanding the finer nuances, you cannot enjoy the humor

2. Novel (Noun) नयी तरह का : Completely new or original

  • Meaning: Kind not seen before
  • Synonyms: Different, Unique, Strange
  • Example: The computer produced a completely novel proof of a well-known theorem.

3. Surpassed (verb) श्रेष्ठ: Doing something beyond expectation

  • Meaning: Greater in scope
  • Synonyms: Outperform, Outpace
  • Example: One line of soldiers surpassed the others

4. Ramped (verb) उछलना: Going up with a speed

  • Meaning: Climbing up
  • Synonyms: Heighten, Boost
  • Example: The roses ramped over the wall

5. Steadily (Adjective) निरंतर : That happens at a predictable, reliable, unchanging pace

  • Meaning: Happening at a regular pace
  • Synonyms: Regularly
  • Example: With the growing popularity of International Kite Festival in Gujarat, the kite making industry is also growing steadily.

6. Sensitivity (Noun) संवेदनशीलता: Ability to respond to affective changes in your interpersonal environment

  • Meaning: Responsivenss to emotional feelings
  • Synonyms: Nervousness, Feeling
  • Example: The source declined to be identified by name or nationality due to the sensitivity of the evolving contacts

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7. Advisory (noun) सलाहकार- Usually advising or warning the public about something.

  • Meaning: Recommendations
  • Synonyms: Consultative, Consultatory
  • Example: He also reiterated the agency’s plans to consult its vaccine advisory committee before making a decision.

8. Theoretically (adv) सिद्धान्त रूप से – In a theoretical manner

  • Meaning: According to the assumed facts
  • Synonyms: Hypothetically, Apparently
  • Example: Because I mean, theoretically, you emerged at the same time he was leaving.

9. Stretched (verb) ताना हुआ- Spread over a wide area or distance

  • Meaning: Relieved of stiffness
  • Synonyms: Flexible, Extended
  • Example: Well- stretched muscles are less susceptible to injury

10. Probable (adj.) संभावित – Likely or not certain to be ture or real

  • Meaning: Apparently Destined
  • Synonyms: Likely
  • Example: The probable consequences of going ahead with the scheme

11. Anticipated (adj.) प्रत्याशित- Little bit of hope

  • Meaning: Expected Hopefully
  • Synonyms: Awaited, Hoped-for
  • Example: Following the holiday weekend, however, we anticipate an uptick in cases on campus in line with the anticipated national trend.

12. Discretionary (adj.) विवेकाधीन- Act according to your own judgement

  • Meaning: Ability to decide by its own judgement
  • Synonyms: Unrestricted, Discretional
  • Example: The commission has discretionary power to award extra funds

13. Procurement (noun) उपलब्धि

  • Meaning: Act of getting possession of something
  • Synonyms: Procural, Procurance
  • Example: He was responsible for the procurement of materials and supplies

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