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Time Table For Working Professional For IBPS PO

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Students, whether working professional or non-working aspirants are in search of the best way to start their preparation for the IBPS PO 2019. Adda247 believe in helping the needy by showing the right guidance and directions to the aspirants. Recently we discussed how to plan a time table for IBPS PO exam and what are the challenges that a student face during his preparatory journey. Today our article is dedicated to the working aspirants who face difficulties in managing their time table for IBPS PO. It is very important for everyone to be very well familiar with the IBPS PO exam pattern and syllabus and the best way to start off the preparation is to check all the IBPS PO memory-based paper. Well to keep a balance between your professional and the journey of preparation it is important to have a time table for working professional for IBPS PO so that they can tackle the exam with ease. Revising from the previous year’s papers will help you to get familiar with the level of difficulty and types of questions that are to be practiced and what could be the expected changes in the IBPS PO exam after SBI has introduced changes in the quant section. Many of the aspirants focus more on just completing the whole syllabus rather than grasping the basic concepts and there is no denying to the fact that finishing off the IBPS PO Syllabus with maximum efficiency is important, time management is equally important for the exam.

A time table should justify all the needs of the professionals like the important topics to be covered, weak points should be the priority, what are the strength and capabilities of the aspirants. Well, everyone knows about his efficiency and ability to tackle the situation. Time table should not be according to your comfort zone, but something that will push you to come out of it thus, IBPS PO preparation strategy should be personalized. Keep on reading this article to get the tips on the time table for working professional for IBPS PO.

Best way to prepare for IBPS PO Exam for working aspirants

Government sector attracts a number of aspirants due to its lucrative benefits, perks, job security, social status and many more. But the main disadvantage of a professional over non-working aspirants is only the “TIME” that becomes hard to manage for them. They can not sit for hours as they have to devote their most of the time to their job. But as there is a famous saying, “Nothing is impossible to achieve” If you can dream it, you can achieve it. all you need to have confidence, determination, and consistency in your preparation. You can also check, How to clear the IBPS PO in the first attempt.

What are the challenges that a professional may face while preparing for IBPS PO?

  • The time factor is the foremost reason that a professional may face during his preparation journey. It is hard for them to manage the time from their job and prepare for their targetted goal.
  • Some working aspirants are unsure about their goals. They feel puzzled about continuing their career with government sector or private. They are not sure what they really want, and just keep going with the job and preparation when they feel like preparing for it only.
  • Physical tiredness is the other reason that is faced by the professional. They feel exhausted after working for 8-9 hours plus traveling hours that they do not feel like studying anymore.
  • Professional usually get comfortable with their current job. They get influenced by the mindset of others.  They do not feel like switching it off with the other job and do not prepare hard to get the same. It is their comfort zone that pulls them back with what they are doing.
  • Financial instability is another factor that a professional may face. Sometimes, he is the only earning person of the family and has to continue with the job to earn a living by doing overtime and extra work to get paid. 
  • If you are a working aspirant then workload may exhaust you completely. This makes you frustrated and again you do not feel like studying for your desired job.
  • Some people are fond of visiting new places, meeting friends, etc. They want to have a social life as well. Thus no time for preparation.

What should be the Time Table for working professionally for IBPS PO?

It depends more on the efficiency and capability of the aspirants. First one needs to analyze how much time he devotes on the job, and how many hours are left for the studies. The time table should prioritize your weak points and important topics to be covered for the IBPS PO Exam. First, decide on the best study material to have for your preparations and best books for IBPS PO. Make a habit of preparing notes of the important topics or rules/formulas that you feel are important from the exam point of view. It will help you with the last minute revision for IBPS PO exam.

Time table for IBPS PO exam:

Subjects When to study What to study
English Language Can be practice while traveling (1 Hour) Read newspapers and magazine to cover Topics like RC, Fillers, Error Detection, etc
Quantitative Aptitude Get up early in the morning and practice quant (1.5 hours) DI, Percentage, Profit and loss, Distance Etc
Reasoning Ability After coming from the job and taking rest(1.5hours) Puzzle and seating arrangement, Inequality, syllogism Etc
Revision on weekends/ Take mock test(7-8 Hours) Miscellaneous exercise/ Take Mock test

How to manage the time for IBPS PO Exam?

Aspirants who are working can utilize their traveling time for English and General awareness. You can also download Adda247 app on your mobile phone and can practice the exercises even while traveling. Ebooks are the best way to study if you are working somewhere. As you can prepare for IBPS PO with the ebooks at your fingertips. Ebooks for IBPS PO are easy to understand and are at par with the latest pattern. You can bookmark them and read them offline whenever you find for the same.
Calculation practice can also be done via mobile phone. Calculation plays an important role in speeding up your preparation for the quant section. So it can be done in the office hours if you get the time for the same.
Reasoning test your mental ability. Your ability to find the logic behind the questions should be strong. Practice more puzzle and seating arrangement to get good at this part. Try to solve maximum questions after your office hours. Devote at least 1.5 hours a day with consistency to the subject.

Consistency and regularity play a vital role in your preparation. If you are consistent and regular with your preparation you will do wonders in the exam. But if you are not practicing every day, your mind will forget the basics what you have revised for it.

Be very determined if you have a target and set a clear vision for the same. The practice is the only key to success. Do not postpone anything on tomorrow, it never comes. Keep your goal at your sight, it will remind you of the things you have to do at any cost. Take the mock test on weekends at least two in a day, this will help you analyze your performance and you will be able to improve on your weak points. All the best!

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