Time to Think During During COVID-19: 3rd September 2020

It’s time to think something Positive during COVID- 19, Let’s motivate ourselves and start working on ourselves. We limit ourself with our thinking, We think that we have some bounding and we can’t do beyond this. This thing is beyond our approach. You must be heard from most of the students that this exam is so tough so I’m not preparing for this instead of this I’m preparing for the easier one but believe me you can crack the toughest exam.

Your limitation—it’s only your imagination

You Limitation, It’s only your imagination, We judge ourselves on the basis of examples like this person is so intelligent and didn’t crack the exam, so I also can’t crack it, But maybe you this thinking is properly wrong. Change your thinking towards yourself and understand yourself by observing only your internal feelings.

You are Unstoppable, You can do anything, The only things that are necessary are you need to believe in yourself. 

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