Ace Different Types Of DI To Score Maximum Marks In RBI Assistant Exam

DI For RBI Assistant: Data Interpretation (DI) is becoming the most trending topic of the banking sector examination. Numerical Ability (Quant) section is majorly occupied with the questions on Data Interpretation. DI is the most dreaded topic among aspirants when it comes to quant section. Once you practice it, it will become one of the easiest topic that will help you in scoring well in the RBI Assistant Prelims Exam.

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Although you may find some easy to moderate and some moderate to difficult DI questions in exam but it is important to know how many types of DI are there and what are those types. It is important to prepare different types of DI religiously so that you can make yourself ready for the upcoming challenges.

If we begin with the RBI Assistant prelims exam, you may expect 3-4 DI in the exam with at least 5 question in each DI. Some of them would be easy to tackle while some may break your bone with the complexity. While selecting the question, be very careful as it may consume your time and would result into less number of attempts. Let us discuss the types of DI for RBI Assistant Prelims exam.

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Types Of DI For RBI Assistant Prelims Exam

Over the years, banking examination have thrown many major changes on aspirants especially in the quant section by introducing a new funnel type DI to test their skill and ability to tackle. With the changes, there are many types of DI that need your attention to score maximum marks in the RBI Assistant Prelims exam.

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Types of DI to be practiced

  • Pie Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Bar Graph
  • Tabular Charts
  • Mixed Graphs
  • Funnel DI
  • Caselet DI

As per the current scenario in the banking sector, DI questions are generally based on the following chapters.

  • Average
  • Percentage
  • Ratios

Besides the topics mentioned above, one can expect the DI question on Time and work, Distance or SI & CI. As aspirants have faced many changes from past few years. So this is the time to prepare yourself to face even the unexpected change. Do not leave any important topic untouched.

It is important for every aspirant to be very clear with the basic concepts of each and every chapter to solve the Data Interpretation and analysis easily. We can not presume any topic to be easy, as you are going to appear for the RBI exam, be ready for the challenge.

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