Study Notes: Blood Relation For Bank PO


Study Notes: Blood relation For Bank PO

Here we are with clear and detail concept of Blood Relation:
• Blood Relation is a must-do part of the exam. As it may come for 5 marks and you know every mark is important.
• In Blood Relation question certain information is given about the members of the family. Based on that information you need to find out the relationship between a particular member of the family.
• Now, take a look at below given “Generation Table” which will help you to understand the different relationship.

we are presenting the relation in two different forms:

1. Relations of paternal side:

i. Father’s Father – Grandfather
ii. Father’s Mother – Grandmother
iii. Father’s Brother – Uncle
iv. Father’s Sister – Aunt
v. Children of Uncle – cousin vi. Wife of Uncle – Aunt vii. Children of Aunt – Cousin viii. Husband of Aunt – Uncle

2. Relations of maternal side:
i. Mother’s Father – Maternal Grandfather
ii. Mother’s Mother –Maternal Grandmother
iii. Mother’s Brother – Maternal Uncle
iv. Mother’s Sister – Aunt
v. Children of Maternal Uncle – Cousin
vi. Wife of Maternal uncle – Maternal Aunt
• The solve questions of Blood Relations easily, you can take help of “Generation Tree”.

 Types of questions asked from Blood Relations: 

1. Based on Dialogue or Conversation
2. Based on Puzzles
3. Based on Symbolically coded
Based on Conversation or Dialogue-
In this type of questions, the one person talking to or doing chit-chat with other person giving information by pointing to some picture or person.
Example: Pointing to a lady on the stage, Monika said, “She is the sister of the son of the wife of my husband.” How is the lady related to Monika?
Solution: Find who you can easily relate to and be that person-then go about creating one relation after another.
In this question, be Monika-then start from the end of the sentence.
“My husband” = Monika’s husband
‘Wife of my husband’ = is me = Monika
‘Son of the wife of my husband’ = My Son
‘Sister of the Son of the wife of my Husband’ = My Son’s Sister = My daughter
‘She’ is the sister of the son of the wife of my husband’ = the lady on the stage = the lady being pointed out = my daughter.
So, the lady on the stage is Monika’s daughter.
Based on Puzzles: 
In this type of question, you have to conclude the relations between two given person based on more than one information given in the question.
Example: In a family of eight people, there is three generations and two couples. R is the brother of Z, who is the grandchild of X. X is married to P. L is the father of Z. P is the father in law of U.  L is the brother of Y and K. K is the aunt of Z. How is P related to K?
(a) Grandfather
(b) father in law
(c) Father
(d) Mother
(e) None of these

So, P is the father of K.
Based on Symbols: 
In this type of question, information is coded in the form of symbols life D, #, $, % ……. etc.
Example: Read the following information carefully.
(i) P % Q means P is the father of Q.
(ii) P @ Q means P is the brother of Q.
(iii) P $ Q means P is the daughter of Q.
(iv) P * Q means P is the son of Q.
(v) P © Q means P is the mother of Q
(vi) P & Q means P is the wife of Q
Who among the following is daughter in law of Z in the relation- ‘T & Y % S & X * Z’ is true?
(a) X
(b) Y
(c) T
(d) S
(e) Can’t be determine

here, from the above generation tree. we can easily find out S is daughter in law of Z.

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