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Vocabulary of The Day- 05 May

Vocabulary of The Day- 05 May

Vocabulary has a significant impact in competitive exams as well as in daily interactions. The team of Adda247 provides “Vocabulary of The Day” on a daily basis which offers a platform for individuals to expand their word power by providing meaning, usage examples, synonyms, and antonyms of new words. Additionally, it also include similar-sounding words with differing meanings. Vocabulary of the day initiative enables aspirants to improve their English skills, refine writing and speaking abilities, and succeed in the English section of competitive tests.


Meaning: To give new life, energy or strength to someone or something.

Newspaper: The Indian Express

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Use of the Word:

China’s president arrives in Europe to reinvigorate ties at a time of global tensions.

Synonyms: Revitalize

Antonyms: Inactive

Q. Which of the following is a synonym of the word Reinvigorate?

a) Idleness

b) Inactive

c) Passiveness

d) None of the above

Similar Sounding Words with Different meaning:

Aloud: with a loud voice

Allowed: permitted

Ans. d) None of the above. All the words mentioned above are antonyms of Reinvigorate.

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Benefits of Building Vocabulary

Expanding one’s vocabulary extends far beyond exam performance, it is a pathway to boost confidence in the English Language section. Here are the reasons why aspirants should prioritize vocabulary development:

  • Exam Excellence: A wide-ranging vocabulary equips candidates to tackle the English Language section with assurance leading to enhanced scores.
  • Linguistic Skill: Mastering synonyms and antonyms enriches understanding and fluency, enabling aspirants to express themselves more clearly.
  • Effective Expression: Whether in writing or speaking, a diverse vocabulary empowers candidates to communicate with confidence, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Language Proficiency: Consistent exposure to new words strengthens overall English proficiency establishing a strong base in language mastery.
  • Confidence Boost: Armed with an extensive vocabulary, candidates can articulate their ideas and viewpoints with clarity and conviction.
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What is the meaning of the Vocabulary of The Day "Reinvigorate"?

The meaning of the Vocabulary of The Day "Reinvigorate" is to give new life, energy or strength to someone or something.