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Vocabulary of The Day- 09 May

Vocabulary of The Day- 09 May

The “Vocabulary of the Day” initiative by Adda247 is one of the best daily vocabulary trainer for candidates. Every day a new word is introduced, its meaning has been explained, and the examples are given to use it correctly. The synonyms, antonyms, of the word are provided and a practice question to solidify the learning. Vocabulary of the Day is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their English fluency and succeed in competitive examination.


Meaning: Having an Aloof or Inhospitable Manner.

Newspaper: The Indian Express

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Use of the Word:

Amid frosty ties, Maldives foreign minister to meet Jaishankar in Delhi.

 Synonyms: Cold, Aloof

Antonyms: Warm, Healthy

Q. Which of the following has similar meaning to the word frosty?

a) Hostile

b) Unfriendly

c) Unwelcoming

d) None of the above

Similar Sounding Words with Different Meaning:

Wood: The substance making up the central part of the trunk and branches of a tree.

Would: Might Desire, used interrogatively to express a polite request

Ans. d): None of the above have similar meaning to frosty.

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Benefits of Building Vocabulary

A strong vocabulary is like a toolbox for improving English language skills. Here’s why focusing on vocabulary will benefit the way beyond exam scores:

  • Become a Master Communicator: Knowing a wide range of words let candidates express clearly and confidently, both in writing and speaking.
  • Unlock Fluency: Learning synonyms and antonyms takes English to the next level. Aspirants will understand conversations better and speak more smoothly.
  • Build Rock-Solid English skills: Consistent exposure to new words strengthens the overall English foundation.
  • Express Yourself With Confidence: With a rich vocabulary, candidates can articulate their ideas and opinions clearly and convincingly.
  • Ace your exams: Naturally, a strong vocabulary will also help to perform well in the English Language section.
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What is the meaning for the Vocabulary of the Day, "Frosty"?

The meaning for the Vocabulary of the Day, "Frosty" is having an aloof or inhospitable manner.