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Vocabulary of The Day- 20 April

Vocabulary of The Day- 20 April

Mastering over the English Language demands a solid command of vocabulary. Proficiency in vocabulary not only boosts performance in competitive exams but also improves writing and speaking skills. To assist candidates in their preparation, the Adda247 team every day comes up with the Vocabulary of The Day. Each word is supplemented along with its meaning, usage, synonyms, antonyms, a relevant question, and similar sounding words with different meanings.


Meaning: Previous, Erstwhile

Newspaper: The Indian Express

Vocabulary of The Day- 20 April_3.1

Use of the Word:

Ahmedabad CBI court imposes a penalty of Rs. 15 crore on the former senior manager at Indian Overseas Bank for indulging in ‘white collar crime’.

The former is a good idea but the latter is not.

Synonyms: Erstwhile, Previous

Antonyms: Latter, Next

 Q. Which of the following is not an antonym of the word former?

a) Future

b) Past

c) Latter

d) Next

Similar Sounding Words with Different meaning:

i) Reed: a tall plant, like grass, that grows in or near water

ii) Read: to look at words and understand them

Ans. b) Past is a synonym of Former.

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Benefits of Building Vocabulary

There are several advantages of building vocabulary. Here, we have outlined the benefits of vocabulary development:

  • Strengthening vocabulary is linked to better exam results and achieving higher scores.
  • Grasping synonyms and antonyms boosts language abilities, helping to boost understanding and fluency.
  • A broad vocabulary enables effective and impactful written or spoken communication, whether spoken or written.
  • Regular encounter with new words enrich English language skills.
  • Developing vocabulary nurtures confidence in expressing thoughts and perspectives with clarity and accuracy.
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What is the synonyms of the word "Former"?

The synonyms of the word "Former" are Erstwhile, and Previous.