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Vocabulary of The Day- 19 April

Vocabulary of The Day- 19 April

To develop a strong grasp over the English Language section requires proficiency in vocabulary. Being good in vocabulary not only facilitates success in competitive exams but also enhances the writing and speaking abilities. To aid candidates in their preparation, the Adda247 team has come up with the Vocabulary of the Day-19 April. The word is accompanied by its meaning, usage, synonyms, antonyms, a relevant question, and similar sounding words with different meanings.


Meaning: The capacity to live and develop.

Newspaper: THE HINDU

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Use of the Word:

The latest report released by UNCTAD says that the expansion in India in 2023 was driven by strong public investment outlays as well as the vitality of the services sector.

Synonyms: Endurance, Vigor

Antonyms: Dullness, Incompetence

Q. Which of the following is an antonym of the word vitality?

A. Vigour

B. Spirit

C. Strength

D. Indifference

Similar Sounding Words with Different meaning:

i) Steal: to take something from a person, shop, etc. without permission and without intending to return it or pay for it

ii) Steel: a very strong metal

Ans. d) Indifference is opposite to vitality.

Vocabulary of the Day-19 April

Benefits of Building Vocabulary

The benefits of good vocab can be examined in one’s day-to-day lives. Here, we have listed down the benefits of building vocabulary.

  • Enhancing vocabulary correlates with improved exam performance and higher scores.
  • Understanding synonyms and antonyms enhances language skills helping comprehension and fluency.
  • A wide vocabulary supports clear and impactful communication both verbally and in writing.
  • Consistent exposure to new words enriches English language skills in depth.
  • Cultivating a diverse vocabulary fosters confidence in expressing ideas and viewpoints with clarity and precision.
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What is the meaning of the word "Vitality"?

The meaning of the word "Vitality" is the capacity to live and develop.