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World Consumer Rights Day 2023, Theme, History, Significance

World Consumer Rights Day 2023

World Consumer Rights day is annually celebrated on 15 March. The day is an effort to recognize and generate awareness around consumer rights. It aims to highlight the centricity of consumers for the growth of any business organization. This article will provide all information on World Consumer Rights Day and try to generate awareness about consumer rights.

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World Consumer Rights Day History

The arena of consumer rights was first entered by the United States. With then President John F Kennedy sent a special message to congress( law making body in USA) about the importance of consumer rights. John F Kennedy was the first president to do so. The global consumer movement which aims to strengthen and protect consumer rights first marked World Consumer Day in 1983. In order to celebrate the Presidential message of 15th March 1962, which was in favor of consumer rights, March 15 was declared as world consumer rights day.

Today World Consumer Rights Day is globally recognized and accredited by the United Nations. For the past 40 years, Consumers International has celebrated the day by running campaigns, uniting the consumer movement.

World Consumer Rights Day Theme

The theme for World Consumer Rights day is decided by Consumers International. The theme for the year is “Empowering consumers through clean energy transitions.”  Most countries are facing an energy crisis globally. It has a disproportional impact on vulnerable consumers. As a result, it is observed vulnerable consumers are rapidly changing their consumption patterns. With clean energy transitions it is expected that global consumers can access equitable and sustainable energy. 

As we all know climate change is a major threat to us. The increasing frequency of disasters and global warming can be linked to our consumption patterns. One of the most significant ways in which consumers can have an indirect or direct impact on environment is through energy consumption. Thermal power-based electricity is responsible for the emission of toxic gases. Fossil fuel-based transportation etc adds to the growing stock of harmful gases etc. Hence on this World Consumer Day, the empowered consumer is visualized as a change maker.

World Consumer Rights Day Significance

Here is the significance of World Consumer Rights Day.

  1. It raises awareness about the importance of consumer protection.
  2. Encourages people to stand up for their rights as consumers.
  3. World Consumer Day serves as a reminder to businesses and governments that they have a responsibility to provide safe, reliable, and affordable goods and services to consumers.\
  4. World Consumer Rights Day also aims to promote fair and ethical business practices and to hold businesses accountable for their actions.
  5. It Provides an opportunity for consumers to voice their concerns

Area Of Consumer Right

On this World Consumer Protection day, you must also be aware of various rights that consumers have. Today with globalization consumer protection has attained transnational status(extending beyond borders).

  1. Right to Safety
  2. Right to Information
  3. Right to be heard
  4. Right to Choice
  5. Right to Voice Concerns
  6. Right to Redress
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What is the Theme of World Consumer Rights Day 2023?

The theme of World Consumer Rights Day 2023 is "Empowering consumers through clean energy transitions.".

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