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World Meteorological Day 2023, Theme, History and Significance

World Meteorological Day 2023

March 23 is celebrated as World Meteorological Day. Meteorology is a specific field of applied science that studies the atmospheric phenomenon in the troposphere and to some extent in the stratosphere. As the name suggests World Meteorological Day is associated with phenomenons of the atmosphere. It aims at generating awareness and bridging the information gap on climate-related phenomena.  The day is celebrated as an initiative of the World Meteorological Organisation. The article below has all the information on World Metrological Day, its history, significance, and theme.

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World Meteorological Day 2023 History

In the year of 1950, the world came together to establish a specialized agency for the climate or atmospheric science. This organization was World Meteorological Organisation or famously known as WMO. The WMO was created on 23 March 1950 and since 1951 March 23 is celebrated as World Meteorological Day.

The year of 2023 marks 150 years of the creation of the World Meteorological Organisation. WMO has been active in studying atmospheric phenomena, tracking the composition of the atmosphere, and enabling science-based policy support for tackling climate change. Recently WMO has been publishing reports on air pollution, and giving warnings on adverse climatic phenomena like cyclones.

World Meteorological Day 2023 Theme

The theme for World Meteorological Day 2023 is decided by WMO. Generally, the theme has a deep underlying message to generate awareness and call for change. The theme for World Meteorological Day 2023 is “The Future of Weather, Climate, and Water Across Generations”. 

The theme recognizes the intricate link between Wether and climatic phenomenon on water. It also signifies that the emerging threats to water security, climatic changes, and abrupt disruptions in local weather are not limited to a particular country. They are transnational in character and impact.

While referring to the future the theme is closely linked to Climate and international justice. With climate change, increasing heat waves ( Europe and India 2022), and shortage of water (Horn of Africa) the theme is “The Future of Weather, Climate, and Water Across Generations”  calls for immediate actions to secure the future we want( as mentioned in SDG Goals).

World Meteorological Day 2023 Significance

World Meteorological Day aims to highlight the importance of meteorology in our daily lives and the significant contributions made by the WMO and its member countries towards ensuring the safety and well-being of people, protecting the environment, and driving sustainable development. The day also serves as an occasion to raise public awareness about the challenges and opportunities related to climate change and the need for international collaboration in addressing them.

Reports Published By WMO

On this day of World Meteorological Day, we should be aware of the changing climate and its impact on different parts of the world.  Here are a few reports published by WMO  that can be asked in the examination.

  1. State of the Global Climate
  2. Global Water Outlook
  3. WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin
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When is the World Meteorological Day 2023?

World Meteorological Day 2023 is celebrated on 23 March.

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