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Achievers Talk for IBPS RRB

Achievers Talk for IBPS RRB

In the competitive landscape of banking exams, success requires not only hard work and dedication but also guidance and inspiration from qualified aspirants. To guide the candidates and make them excel in the IBPS RRB Exam 2023, we have come up with the Achievers Talk for IBPS RRB. This innovative initiative aims to empower aspiring candidates with expert insights, practical strategies, and the motivation needed to boost up to clear one of the most prestigious exams in the banking sector. Through Achievers Talk for IBPS RRB, we have shared the journey, experiences, and strategies followed by aspirants to crack the exam.

Achievers Talk for IBPS RRB By Rahul Kumar

Here, we have shared the journey of Rahul Kumar in his own words who has been successful in qualifying for IBPS RRB PO & Clerk 2021. He has discussed his preparation strategy for each of the papers asked in the IBPS RRB Prelims and Mains Exam.

Hello everyone, I am Rahul Kumar, and I successfully cleared both the RRB PO and CLERK exams on my first attempt. I began my preparation in March 2020 during the lockdown period when I was in the 5th semester of my BCA program. My primary focus was on preparing for the SBI PO exam. I started by noting down the syllabus for both the preliminary and main exams for each subject. To familiarize myself with the exam level and question types, I took a mock test of the SBI PO prelims memory-based paper.

I then proceeded to cover each topic of every subject one by one. In the Quantitative Aptitude section, I revised squares up to 60, cubes up to 30, tables up to 32, and percentage to fraction conversions from 1 to 1/25 on a daily basis. I began with speed math topics and then moved on to complete arithmetic (excluding Probability). After that, I focused on Data Interpretation (DI) and solved 6 to 8 pre-level DIs and 1 mains-level DI regularly.

For the Reasoning section, I started with miscellaneous topics, beginning with inequality, and then moved on to puzzles. I solved 10 pre-level puzzles and 1 mains-level puzzle daily. By starting with RRB Clerk pre-level puzzles and gradually increasing the difficulty, I was able to improve my reasoning skills. Reasoning became my favorite subject, and it helped me score well in both RRB PO and Clerk exams. In English, I used to take screenshots of The Hindu vocabulary sessions by Santosh Sir and revise them 2 to 3 times a day, keeping the screenshots for 2 days. I also made it a habit to read The Hindu editorial daily. Additionally, I systematically completed grammar topics and miscellaneous topics in English.

For General Awareness (GA), I watched Ashish Sir’s current affairs videos for the past 3 years. His CCC rule and daily static awareness dose were extremely helpful. I created PDFs of monthly MCQs, with over 300 questions, and revised them 5 to 6 times per month before moving on to the next month. I covered current affairs from January to August. I also followed Vaibhav Sir’s banking awareness classes. As for the Computer section, it wasn’t a nightmare for me since I had covered most of the topics during my BCA course. I practiced computer-related questions mainly from mock tests.

During the interview, I found that it was crucial to have a good understanding of oneself and the organization one is applying to. In my interview, I was asked mostly about my graduation subjects, banking awareness (particularly about RRBs and NABARD, their roles, and functions), as well as some general awareness and current affairs questions.

I want to emphasize that I started my preparation simultaneously for both prelims and mains. I highly recommend others to do the same, as it can be tremendously helpful. Taking as many mock tests as possible is also crucial. By the time I appeared for the RRB Clerk Mains exam, I had taken 258 mock tests. I am truly grateful to the Adda team, as they have been a tremendous help throughout my journey.



Achievers Talk for IBPS RRB By Pravin Kumbhavat

The journey of Pravin Kumbhavat is an inspiration for candidates aspiring for the post of IBPS RRB PO and Clerk. In his preparation journey, he faced various difficulties but instead of running away from them he took it as a challenge and achieved his dream job. In his own words, he has shared his journey with the candidates who are in their preparation phase to up level their motivation and also to boost confidence in them.

Hello, I am Pravin Kumbhavat from Jaipur. My preparation journey is filled with numerous ups and downs. From the time of my graduation, I encountered various failures and setbacks. Despite facing numerous challenges and disappointments, I never allowed myself to entertain the thought of giving up. Instead, I always held an unwavering belief in myself and a higher power, fostering the determination to persevere.

Over the course of four years, I dedicated myself to preparation, demonstrating an immense amount of resilience and tenacity. Throughout this arduous journey, I experienced dozens of failures, even after passing certain exams. However, unwavering belief in my own abilities and faith in the divine kept me motivated.

And now, after navigating through the tumultuous oceans of obstacles, I have emerged victorious. My efforts and perseverance have borne fruit as I have been successful in securing selections in both the IBPS RRB PO and IBPS RRB Clerk exams. This remarkable achievement serves as a testament to my commitment, dedication, and unyielding spirit.


Achievers Talk for IBPS RRB By Chinmay Raut

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Chinmay Raut, a working professional from Maharashtra, cracked the IBPS RRB PO 2022 Exam in his first attempt. His success story serves as an inspiration to all those who are aiming to make a career in the banking sector. Working in an American consulting firm, Chinmay managed to balance his professional commitments while preparing for the IBPS RRB Examination. To motivate the candidates who are preparing for the IBPS RRB Exam 2023 along with any job we have brought the Achievers Talk By Chinmay Raut in his own language.

Hello, I am Chinmay Raut from Maharashtra. I cracked the IBPS RRB PO Exam in the year 2022. My preparation journey was not an easy one and I faced numerous challenges only after which I was able to achieve my dream job. My success would not have been possible without the continuous guidance and support of the entire Adda247 team and because of them I was able to qualify the examination in my very first attempt. The biggest dare for me was to take out time after my job and then dedicate it to preparation.

One of the key factors contributing to my success was practice. Adda247’s Mock Tests and Practice Questions played a crucial role in my preparation. By regularly evaluating my performance and identifying areas of improvement, I was able to improve my strategies and boost morale to face the exam confidently.



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What is the aim of Achievers Talk for IBPS RRB?

Achievers Talk for IBPS RRB is to empower aspiring candidates with expert insights, practical strategies, and the motivation needed to boost up to clear one of the most prestigious exams in the banking sector.