Computer Quiz 9 May- Computer Quiz for RBI Assistant Mains 2020

Computer Knowledge section can help you to improve your overall score if in case other sections are tougher than the expectation. We are providing you with a question set based on the types and patterns of questions asked in the Computer Knowledge section in previous years. Today’s Computer Quiz based on the important topic asked in RBI Assistant Mains.

Q1. Which of the following key are used to open file menu of current program?
(a) Ctrl+F
(b) Shift+F
(c) Alt+F
(d) Ctrl+Alt+F
(e) None of these

Q2. Ctrl+K are used to_______.
(a) Insert a hyperlink
(b) Print a document
(c) Close the current active program
(d) Goes to beginning of current line.
(e) None of these

Q3.A proxy server is used as the computer?
(a) With external access
(b) Acting as a backup
(c) Performing file handling
(d) Access user permissions
(e) None of these

Q4.In second generation, which type of primary memory was used to store data?
(a) Paper tapes
(b) IC
(c) Magnetic core
(d) Magnetic tape
(e) Magnetic disk

Q5.Which is of the following terms is used for unsolicited e-mail?
(a) News Group
(b) Usenet
(c) Backbone
(d) Spam
(e) Phishing

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