Daily Vocabulary: 22nd January 2020

Learn Vocab daily, these will help you in the long run not only exams but also you can use in daily language, here is the vocab list of 22nd January.

Laxity (noun) : ढील
Meaning: lack of strictness or care
Synonyms: slackness, laxity, lassitude, slack, laxness, lethargy
Antonyms: attend to, mind, carefulness, keep track, pay up
Meaning: Laxity in the observance of this rule will result disastrously.

Demolish (verb) : ध्वस्त
Meaning: to easily defeat someone
Synonyms: annihilate, bulldoze, crush, decimate
Antonyms: build, construct, create
Example: He harangued the Indians, and exhorted them to demolish the fort.

convict (verb) : मिद्धदोष अपराधी
Meaning: declare (someone) to be guilty of a criminal offence by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge in a court of law.
Synonyms: captive, felon, prisoner, culprit
Antonyms: cite, commend, endorse
Example: A person who has been convicted of a criminal offense.

Impend (verb) : समीप आ जाना
Meaning: be about to happen.
synonyms: advance, approach, brew, forebode
Antonyms: gone, Past, distant, later
Example: We have no thought to impede the paths to closer relationship.

Saffron (noun) : केसर
Meaning: an orange-yellow flavoring, food colouring, and dye made from the dried stigmas of a crocus.
Synonyms: amber, bisque, blond, buff
Antonyms: achromatic, healthy, unsensational
Example: The yellow seeds of lilies will answer nearly the saffron’s purpose.

Credibility (noun) : विश्वसनीयता
Meaning: the quality of being trusted and believed in.
Synonyms: chance, integrity, prospect, reliability
Antonyms: unlikelihood, implausibility, improbability
Example: The art and practice of selling one’s credibility for future delivery.

Persecution (noun) : उत्पीड़न
Meaning: hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs; oppression.
Synonyms: expulsion, ill-treatment, imprisonment, killing
Antonyms: happiness, joy, help, stimulation
Example: Grief and persecution had in a former instance inspired her with the love of solitude.

Earnest (adjective) : बयाना
Meaning: resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction.
Synonyms; ardent, diligent, fervent, heartfelt
Antonyms: apathetic, cold, cool, dispassionate
Meaning: As Philothea turned towards her companion, she met Aspasia’s earnest gaze.

Unison (noun) : सामंजस्य
Meaning: simultaneous performance or utterance of action or speech.
Synonyms: conjunction, co-occurrence, concurrence, coincidence
Antonyms: competition, incompatibility, disenfranchise
Example: It is desirable to have these experiments at least worked by the class in unison.

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