Daily Vocabulary : 8th February

UNLEASH (verb) : खोलना
Meaning : cause (a strong or violent force) to be released or become unrestrained.
Synonyms: discharge, free, release
Antonyms: hold, keep, restrain
Example: He suddenly realized how puny man was against the forces man could unleash.

PHISHING (noun) : फ़िशिंग
Meaning : The fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information
Synonyms: spoofing
Antonyms : debunking, exposing
Example : phishing is often used to gain a foothold in corporate or governmental networks as a part of a larger attack.

STIFLE (Verb) : दाब रखना
Meaning: prevent or constrain (an activity or idea).
Synonyms: constraint, hinder, hamper, impede
Antonyms: encourage
Example: She put her hand over her mouth to stifle the cough.

EPHEMERAL (Adjective) : अस्थायी
Meaning: Lasting for short time
Synonyms: Temporary, Short-lived, transient.
Antonyms: long-lived, enduring, everlasting, eternal, perpetual.
Example: time is ephemeral so don’t waste it.

AMELIORATE (Verb) : सुधारना
Meaning: To make better
Synonyms: Amend, better, improve, upgrade
Antonyms: worsen, reduce, diminish
Example: The editor ameliorated the manuscript with his changes.

RELENT (verb) : नरम पड़ना
Meaning: to cease resistance (as to another’s arguments, demands, or control).
Synonyms: concede, give in, submit, succumb.
Antonyms: combat, confront, counter, defy.
Example: Because my mother is very angry, she won’t relent on my severe punishment.

INURE (verb) : सहनशील बनाना
Meaning: accustom (someone) to something, especially something unpleasant.
Synonyms: accustom, habituate, acclimatize, adapt.
Antonyms: enervate, enfeeble, debilitate, incapacitate.
Usage: The hardship of army training inured her to the rigors of desert warfare.

RATIFIED (verb) : पुष्टि करना
Meaning: confirmed or made official
Synonyms: approve, confirm
Antonyms: deny, destroy
Example: The proposal was ratified by the concerned authority.

BAGATELLE (Noun) : छोटी बात
Meaning: A thing of little importance
Synonyms: Frippery, Nothing
Antonyms: Succeed, Importance
Example : I would like to point out that that sum is a mere bagatelle of the whole revenue.

ARDOR (Noun) : ललक
Meaning: Enthusiasm or passion
Synonyms: Emotion, warmth
Antonyms: apathy, indifference
Example : He had been a painter throughout his life, but he never had a vision of painting with such ardor and desire.

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