Daily Vocabulary Word 9th June 2020- Daily Use Words

Here is the 9th June Vocabulary, It will be useful for exams like RBI Assistant Mains, SBI Clerk Mains, SBI PO Prelims, and other exams.

Flair(noun) : स्वभाव
Meaning: a special or instinctive aptitude or the ability for doing something well.
Synonym:aptitude, talent
Antonym: inability
Example: He demonstrated his flair for organization

Inflammatory(adjective) : भड़काऊ
Meaning: relating to or causing inflammation of a part of the body.
Synonyms: incendiary, intemperate, provocative
Antonyms: calming, mitigating, placating
Example: They call them seditious and inflammatory, which was far from being their character.

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slogans (noun): नारा
Meaning: a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising.
Synonyms: expression, jingle, saying
Antonyms: laugh, dysphemism, euphemism
Example: “Food will win the war” was the slogan which challenged American agriculture.

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Grazed(verb) : घांस चरना
Meaning: of cattle, sheep, etc.) eat grass in a field.
Synonym: feed, eat, crop
Antonym: bash, bump
Example: It grazed her arm.

Glee(noun) : उल्लास
Meaning: great delight, especially from one’s own good fortune or another’s misfortune.
Synonym: delight, pleasure
Antonym: gloom, disappointment
Example: He could hardly contain his glee over his victory

Nibbled(verb) : मुंह मारना
Meaning: take small bites out of.
Synonym: pick, gnaw
Antonym: stiff, clumsy, lumbering
Example: We nibbled on some cheese and crackers before dinner.

Droves(noun) : रेवड़
Meaning: a herd or flock of animals being driven in a body.
Synonym: herd, flock, pack, fold
Antonym: trickles
Example: He drove to their house in some agitation.

Brutal(adjective) : क्रूर
Meaning:savagely violent.
Synonym: savage, cruel
Antonym: gentle, humane
Example: The movie is a brutal depiction of the war.

Juvenile(adjective) : किशोर
Meaning: for or relating to young people.
Synonym: young, teenage,
Antonym: adult
Example: There is also an increase in juvenile delinquency.

Hapless(adjective) : अभागी
Meaning: (especially of a person) unfortunate.
Synonym: unfortunate, unlucky
Antonym: lucky
Example: All of them were hapless victims of this hurricane.

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