English Language Quiz For Bank Mains Exams 2021- 20th January

Directions (1-5): In each of the following questions, various sentences are given and you have to choose the one which has some or any grammatical error in it. In the questions where option (e) is all are correct and all the sentences are grammatically correct choose option (e) as the correct choice.

(a) You must acknowledge that I have done you a great service.
(b) The chief idea of every common type of traveller is to see as many objects of interest as possibly could.
(c) No doubt I could have had her, and I saw my own stupidity later, but what I wanted was not a woman’s person, it was love, it was the ideal.
(d) Without knowing how or why, I found myself on the banks of the Seine.
(e) I had a girl neighbour; a little work-girl, no doubt, who possessed the true Parisian charm: a little head and with light curly hair.

(a) Shams felt totally numb, and closed his eyes for a while, as if he were under the spell of the place.
(b) On the way Raj felt his heart was thumping fast, as if something unusual was about to happen.
(c) Being a well known physicist, he was invited to deliver a lecture of laser technology.
(d) After settling down in the valley, he had adjusted to his new life by accepting the title of shepherd, something that he had never thought of doing before his forced immigration.
(e) Akram was sitting under a tree in the pasture near to the camps.

(a) The area he was growing up in was impoverished, basically a slum, and the constant, unrelenting poverty not only stunted his body, it suffocated his soul.
(b) With the passing of time, he was slowly becoming immune to the upset, and able to filter out the raised voices.
(c) The only thing that made his life worth living was the park near the school.
(d) Today, the cost of living is such higher that many people find it difficult to keep their hearts beating.
(e) He was staring at the flowers, they were in full bloom, a welcome sign of the spell cast by spring.

(a) Swati has such a fine memory that she can recollect anything what happened many years ago.
(b) It couldn’t have been written by Shyam because that kind of dress was not worn till his death.
(c) One day, on his way back from school after a particularly arduous day, he suddenly decided to follow one of the colourful butterflies, to see where it went and find out where they lived.
(d) Priyamvada was unhappy to hear the news of her son’s failing in the final examination.
(e) It was a refuge from the piles of rubbish, the filth, the polluted air, the clamor of vehicles, the stench of poor drainage and the appalling news of bomb blasts and terrorist attacks.

(a) Near the old Banyan tree, he saw something moving in the grass.
(b) She was very fond of her own daughter, but she could not so much as look at her step-daughter without shuddering.
(c) Avinash and his friend were walking towards the station when they met his common friend.
(d) One day – it was in the middle of January – Holena felt a longing for the scent of violets.
(e) As the tears rolled down his cheeks, he placed its small broken body inside, and covered it, stroking the earth into a small mound.

Directions (6-10): Five statements are given below, labelled a, b, c, d and e. Among these, four statements are in logical order and form a coherent paragraph. From the given options, choose the option that does not fit into the theme of the paragraph.

(a) While fostering these changes is one part of being a “living document”, discarding the waste is the other critical part.
(b) The constituent assembly was emphatic in ensuring that future generations do not suffer from the absolutism of the old men from the 1950s.
(c) India’s Constitution, in its 68 years of existence, has been heralded as a “living document”.
(d) With more than 100 amendments, India has the longest Constitution in the world.
(e) Since our “living” Constitution came into force on 26 November, it makes good sense to declare it the National Repeal Law Day.

(a) For example, Crocin is a branded generic whose active ingredient is paracetamol.
(b) Generic medicines are affordable versions of the drug, introduced after a company loses patent over a medicine.
(c) Cheaper generics are one of the important factors for reducing healthcare cost.
(d) A study by the Indian Journal Of Pharmacology in 2011 revealed that the price to the retailer for the branded product of cetirizine was 11 times the price of branded generics by the same company—the price of the generic was Rs2.24 per strip of 10 tablets and that of the branded medicine, Rs27.16.
(e) These medicines are sold either by their salt-name or by a brand (called branded generics).

(a) It is essential, before undertaking bold economic and social reforms, to understand the structures of the complex system.
(b) What may be good for the long-term may be very painful in the short-term.
(c) What may improve one part of the economy may harm another part severely.
(d) leaders and policy-makers must venture outside the walls and seek many views.
(e) Economies and societies are very complex systems composed of diverse forces.

(a) The growth potential through urbanization is huge, given that India is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.
(b) The 100 smart cities programme is an effort to address this gap.
(c) As policymakers launch new programmes to make India more competitive, accelerate growth and create jobs, cities will play a key role in this structural transformation.
(d) Two key structural traits of city competitiveness are its physical and human infrastructure.
(e) India is still at an early stage in this transformation, given that it is a lot less urbanized for its stage of development.

(a) The Narendra Modi government has appointed a committee headed by Arbind Modi to review the Income Tax Act of 1961.
(b) This is a welcome move, and comes in the wake of the—admittedly rocky—transition to a new indirect tax regime with the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST).
(c) The existing direct tax law is riddled with problems.
(d) The second round of the great Indian tax overhaul has been flagged off.
(e) A new direct tax system could help lower GST rates in the future.

Directions (11-13): In each of the following sentence there are three blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five options and each option consists of three words which can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence to make the sentence grammatically correct.

Q11. With inflation-targeting as its main _______ — the consensus position that was articulated when the RBI Act was amended in May 2016 was that “price stability is a _________ precondition to sustainable growth” — the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has opted yet again to keep interest rates ___________.
(a) confirmation, primary, modified
(b) uphold, assured, unrelieved
(c) mandate, necessary, unchanged
(d) support, radical, stabile
(e) consent, inherent, endured

Q12. Ultimately, though, the central bank has once again ________ a word of circumspection to fiscal authorities: taken together, the farm loan waivers ________ by some States, the partial reduction of excise duty and VAT on petroleum products and the GST rate cuts could ________ in fiscal slippage with accompanying consequences for price stability.

(a) inflicted, provided, neglect
(b) proffered, implemented, result
(c) imposed, generated, occur
(d) expected, assembled, transpire
(e) intended, managed, appear

Q13. Our recent victory in the hotly contested election to the International Court of Justice seems to have lifted our _______ as a nation. We are justifiably proud of our success and of the skill and ________ with which our diplomacy was ___________.

(a) conceit, sobriety, dissipated
(b) caprice, timidity, eliminated
(c) propensity, valuation, dispensed
(d) spirits, determination, deployed
(e) nature, judgment, mobilized

Directions (14-15): In the question given below few sentences are given which grammatically correct and meaningful. Connect them by the word given above the statements in the best possible way without changing the intended meaning. Choose your answer accordingly from the options to form a correct, coherent sentence.

A. Ankara continues to defiantly say it doesn’t need EU money or membership.
B. It is trying to develop ties with individual EU members, which seems to represent a search for another kind of relationship with Europe.
C. Turkey-EU ties are currently marked by mutual resentments and appear to be going nowhere.
D. It claims that it doesn’t need EU membership, Ankara refuses to end this bid unilaterally.

(a)Only A-B
(b)Only B-C
(c)Only A-D
(d)Both A-B and A-D

(A) BJP has been routed in these elections having managed to win mere 18.7% of all seats
(B) The opposition, especially independent candidates, have walked away with flying colours.
(C) If Independents were a party they would have got a thumping majority in these elections.
(D) Out of 16 Mayoral positions they have captured 14 and that is the end of their success story.

(a) only C-D
(b) only A-B
(c) Only D-A
(d) only B-C
(e) none

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S1. Ans. (b)
Sol. Sentence (b) is incorrect. ‘he can’ should be used in place of ‘could’ as the sentence is in present tense.
S2. Ans. (c)
Sol. In sentence (c), the use of preposition ‘of’ is wrong as it is used before any cause, source or relation not before any object.
S3. Ans. (d)
Sol. In sentence (d), ‘so high’ will be used in place of ‘such higher’ as ‘so+ adjective (positive) + that’ is used.
Ex. She is so bold that she can talk to anybody.
S4. Ans. (a)
Sol. Sentence (a) is incorrect as the use of ‘what’ is wrong here. ‘that’ should be used in place of ‘what’ as ‘that’ is used in the form of relative pronoun after ‘anything, nothing’.
Ex. I can give you anything that you want.

S5. Ans. (c)
Sol. Sentence (c) is Incorrect. ‘their’ will be used in place of ‘his’ before ‘common friend’ as the subject of the sentence is plural.

S6. Ans. (e)
Sol. The theme of the sentences revolves around the amendments in Indian Constitution, which is the longest constitution in the world and indicated here as a living document. Going with this theme, we can conclude that sentences cbda form a coherent paragraph. Sentence (e) that talks about making 26 November as National Repeal Law Day, is not going correctly with the theme.
Hence sentence (e) is the right choice.

S7. Ans. (c)
Sol. Sentences bead forms a coherent paragraph talking about the introduction of generic medicines, that are more affordable than the branded medicine whereas sentence (c) talks about the health care cost making it unrelated to the other sentences. Hence sentence (c) is the correct choice.

S8. Ans. (d)
Sol. As we go through the sentences, we can infer that sentences eabc form a coherent paragraph talking about the things to be taken into concern while taking bold economic and social reforms but sentence (d) is about what leaders and policy makers must do, which fails to connect with other sentences.

S9. Ans. (d)
Sol. Going through the sentences, we can infer that the sentences ceab form a coherent paragraph that discusses about the efforts to urbanize the cities that can make India more competitive. Sentence (d) is about structural traits of city competitiveness making it unrelated to the other sentences. Hence sentence (d) is the correct choice.

S10. Ans. (c)
Sol. Sentences dabe form a coherent paragraph talking about appointment of a committee for overhauling the Indian tax and its use while sentence (c) talks about the problems with existing direct law making it different from the other sentences. Hence sentence (c) is the correct choice.

S11. Ans. (c)
Sol. ‘mandate, necessary, unchanged’ is the correct set of words making the sentence meaningful.
S12. Ans. (b)
Sol. ‘proffered, implemented, result’ is the correct set of words making the sentence meaningful.
Proffered means hold out or put forward (something) to someone for acceptance.
Inflicted means cause (something unpleasant or painful) to be suffered by someone or something.

S13. Ans. (d)
Sol. ‘spirits, determination, deployed’ is the correct use.

S14. Ans.(a)
Sol. “nevertheless” means “however” connects statement A and statement B in the most appropriate manner.

Ankara continues to defiantly say it doesn’t need EU money or membership; nevertheless, it is trying to develop ties with individual EU members, which seems to represent a search for another kind of relationship with Europe.

S15. Ans.(b)
Sol. “Whereas” is used while taking a fact into consideration.
BJP has been routed in these elections having managed to win mere 18.7% of all seats whereas the opposition, especially independent candidates, have walked away with flying colours.

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