English Quiz 10th July-English Quiz for RBI Assistant Mains 2020

English Language Questions for RBI Assistant Mains 2020: The Reserve Bank of India will conduct the Main exam which is the final phase for the recruitment of Assistants. English Language is one of the sections students need to prepare for RBI Assistant Mains 2020 examination and here we are providing our students with daily mocks or quizzes in a new and simple pattern which will help you practice more effectively for the fight against 926 vacancies of RBI Assistant 2020 recruitment. We are providing you daily english quizzes based on the questions which were asked in previous days of RBI Assistant Mains examination and you can also check the study plan for RBI Assistant Mains to enhance your preparation. The quiz contains Miscellaneous Based Quiz. Stay with Bankers Adda for the latest Quizzes,Study notes,Test series, and other helpful study material.

Directions (1-5): In the questions given below few sentences are given which are grammatically correct and meaningful. Connect them by the word given above the statements in the best possible way without changing the intended meaning. Choose your answer accordingly from the options to form a correct, coherent sentence.

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(A) There was the announcement for public sector banks to pass on more of the policy rate cuts

(B) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has effected in several rounds by now

(C) The publication of the final National Register of Citizens on Saturday

(D) It brings no closure to the vexed issue of illegal immigration to Assam yet

(a) Only A-B

(b) Both A-D and C-B

(c) Only B-C

(d) Only A-D

(e) None of these



(A) How long the fires can continue is unclear

(B) Beyond that lies the question of what to do with illegal aliens

(C)At this scale, they are paving the way for a global climate catastrophe

(D) Once the quasi-judicial process is done and dusted

(a) Only A-B

(b) Only A-C

(c) Only B-C

(d) Only A-D

(e) None of these



(A)Ambiguity may be a good tactic in diplomacy at times

(B) Mr. Khan has even spoken about the possibility of a nuclear war

(C) This occasion warrants stated clarity that India does not seek conflict

(D) A Minister went to the extent of announcing a time frame for starting a war

(a) Only A-B

(b) Only A-C

(c) Both B-D and A-C

(d) Only A-D

(e) None of these



(A) All research is easily tagged and categorizable

(B) It could be safely moved to a different area

(C) Researchers can filter through their many files to find the one they were looking for

(D) They tranquilized the bear with a dart

(a) Only A-B

(b) Both A-C and D-B

(c) Both B-C and A-D

(d) Only A-D

(e) None of these



(A) He is willing to give the formula for free to any country that asks

(B) They agree to lay down their arms and live in peace

(C) Farmers ask for government help

(D) They cannot harvest their crops after a drought.

(a) Only A-B

(b) Both A-C and D-B

(c) Both A-B and C-D

(d) Only A-D

(e) None of these

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