English Quiz 2nd July- English Quiz for SBI PO 2020

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Directions (1-5): In the given passage several blanks are given and for each blank four alternatives are provided. Choose the option from which can fill in the blanks to make a grammatically correct and contextually meaningful sentence. If none of the given options can fit the blank then choose option (e) ‘None of these’ as your answer.

As if we didn’t already have ________________ (1) because of this pandemic, new data shows one-third of Americans are going to see a 10-15% increase in their utility bills this summer.

An energy and analytical company predicts higher home energy bills this summer as a result of Covid-19. Depending on where you live, Arcadia ________________ (2) that American households will be spending between $2 and $37 more on their monthly utility bills this summer.

The higher amounts are generally associated with places having higher population ________________ (3), although the West Coast shouldn’t get hit as hard.

Arcadia tracks energy use with measurement and ________________ (4) methodologies to see the impact of outside effects on residential energy. Usually these effects are energy efficiency programs, renewable-only programs, demand response applications, etc., used to inform future decision-making like those associated with climate change and renewable energy use. But in this case, it can also look at ________________ (5) on energy use caused by Covid-19.


(a) Modifications

(b) Facilitates

(c) Problems

(d) Optional

(e) None of these


(a) Approximated

(b) Estimates

(c) Calculations

(d) Abandonment

(e) None of these


(a) Densities

(b) Explosions

(c) Crucial

(d) Comforting

(e) None of these


(a) Endorsement

(b) Delayed

(c) Verification

(d) Proof

(e) None of these


(a) Affects

(b) Alienated

(c) Impacts

(d) Bearings

(e) None of these

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