English Quiz 3rd July- English Quiz for SBI PO 2020

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Directions (1-5): In the following questions a sentence is given with a blank in it. Following each sentence five words are provided. Choose the appropriate word that can fill the given blank to make the sentence both grammatically and contextually correct.

About Course:

Q1. Santibanez ____________ on a social media platform called Discord, a five-year-old video-and-voice chat app that’s a cross between Reddit and Slack.

(a) Careless

(b) Stumbled

(c) Sloppy

(d) Diligent

(e) Imperfect

Q2. The broader appeal of the application has _____________ the attention of venture investors.

(a) Sinned

(b) Slapdash

(c)  Scrupulous

(d) Unexplained

(e) Capture

Q3. The funding comes with the __________ that stake holders will continue to focus on growing revenue.

(a) Supreme

(b) Appropriately

(c) Understanding

(d) Keeping

(e) Sincerity

Q4. The Sports Commission kept us ____________ along the way and gave us a direct line to the governor’s office.

(a) Appraised

(b) Effectiveness

(c) Succeed

(d) Convicted

(e) Intended

Q5. With private trains expected to begin operations by April 2023, the Railways said the move would only ____________ travellers by way of confirmed tickets and faster trains.

(a) Inefficacy

(b) Productive

(c) Frivolous

(d) Benefit

(e) Effective

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