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English Quiz 4th June- English Quiz for SBI PO Prelims 2020

Adda 247 will provide you daily English Language Mock of “SBI PO Prelims. In today’s English Language Mock, we have Column Based Quiz. Stay tuned with bankersadda to get Daily English Language Mock  and boost your preparation for the upcoming bank exam. You can also prepare with the study plan for SBI PO available on the bankersadda website. Directions (1-5): In each of the following questions given below, a sentence is given with some bold words which may contain errors. Below each of the sentence, a table is given with two columns in which column ‘A’ contains the list of bold words, and in column ‘B’ the suggested corrections are listed. You have to choose the best alternative among the four given options. If no correction is required against any given bold word mark (e), .i.e. “None of the above” as your answer.  Q1. The utility of such a massive reimbursement is not easily defendable but the Modi government is evidently eager to recondition the capital’s landscape as its monumental legacy.
Column A Column B
(1) Utility (5) Infertility
(2) Reimbursement (6) Redevelopment
(3) Defendable (7) Commendable
(4) Recondition (8) Precision
(a) Both (1) – (5) and (4) – (8) (b) (2) – (6) (c) (1) – (5) (d) (3-7) (e) None of the above Q2. Activists and architects have questioned the lack of studies to ascertain the need for the project and its benefit on the environment, traffic and pollution.
Column A Column B
(1) Questioned (5) Marked
(2) Ascertain (6) Pertain
(3) Benefit (7) Impact
(4) Pollution (8) Ammunition
(a) Both (1) – (5) and (4) – (8) (b) (2) – (6) (c) (1) – (5) (d) (3-7) (e) None of the above Q3. After World War II, the newly independence states were not consulted when the U.S. imposed global institutions fostering trade, capital and technology dependence ignore socio-economic development.
Column A Column B
(1) Independence (5) Independent
(2) Imposed (6) Encouraged
(3) Fostering (7) Preventing
(4) Ignore (8) Ignoring
(a) Both (1) – (5) and (4) – (8) (b) (2) – (6) (c) (1) – (5) (d) (3-7) (e) None of the above Q4. Under the Production Linked Incentive (PLI), which is absorbed at mobile phone manufacturing and specificed electronic components, the government initially plans to dramatize 10 firms.
Column A Column B
(1) Absorbed (5) Targeted
(2) Specified (6) Specifics
(3) Initially (7) Previously
(4) Dramatize (8) Incentivize
(a) Both (1) – (5) and (4) – (8) (b) (2) – (6) (c) (1) – (5) (d) (3-7) (e) None of the above Q5. Stating that India had been able to achieve “modest success” in electronics manufacturing, Mr. Prasad said that India had emerged as the second largest mobile manufacturer of the world.
Column A Column B
(1) Achieve (5) Achievers
(2) Manufacturing (6) Manufactures
(3) Emerged (7) Emerging
(4) Manufacturer (8) Manufacture
(a) Both (1) – (5) and (4) – (8) (b) (2) – (6) (c) (1) – (5) (d) (3-7) (e) None of the above To attempt the complete quiz refer to the links given below:
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