English Quiz for 13th July: English Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains 2020

SBI Clerk Mains English Language Quiz

Is your DREAM to get selected in SBI Clerk 2020 recruitment? Well, then you must speed up your preparation as the Main exam which is the final step towards selection will soon be announced. So, students should utilize this time intelligently. The English Language is one of the subjects you’ll need to deal with and to help you keep your preparation up to the mark, here we provide you with a questionnaire of English Language to crack SBI Clerk Main. For other subjects, you can check the SBI Clerk Mains Study Plan. Directions (1-5): In the following questions a sentence is given, some parts of the sentence are given in bold which may have grammatical or spelling error or they may be contextually incorrect. Two columns (1) and (2) are given, column (1) consists of bold parts of the sentence and column (2) consists of the appropriate replacement for the bold parts. Match the correct replacements. If the sentence is correct mark no error as your answer. Q1. The lockdown has now become a compulsion, but could have easily been prevented with proactive action on part of the State government. Given the drastic surged in cases in the past fortnight, the State authorities should have foresaw and accordingly rampen up their infrastructure.
Column (1) Column (2)
(A) Now become a compulsion (I) Now became a compulsory
(B ) Have easily been prevented (II) Have easily being prevented
(C) The drastic surged in cases (III) The drastic surge in cases
(D) Foresaw and accordingly rampen (IV) Foreseen and accordingly ramped
(a) D-IV and B-II (b) B-II and C-III (c) C-III and D-IV (d) None of the given options are correct (e) No error Q2. It is heartening to receive a number of responses from readers, though a couple of them were merely clever jibes at the vocation itself. Academics define the news media as knowledge machines which made a distinct product: accounts. The role of these machines includes having editorial judgment in selecting and rejected materials. As Professor Pablo J. Boczkowski said: “From a multitude of potentially newsworthy events happening in the world, these machines produce reports of the facts that count and explanations of why they count.”
Column (1) Column (2)
(A) were merely clever jibes (I) was mere clever jibes
(B ) knowledge machines which made (II)knowledge machines which make
(C) selecting and rejected materials (III) selecting and rejecting materials
(D) explanations of why they count (IV) explanatory of why they count
(a) D-IV and B-II (b) B-II and C-III (c) A-I (d) C-III (e) No error Q3. During our investigation, we found that the accused had created at least five fake profiles on matrimonial sites and approached around 1,000 prospective brides through each profile. The Crime Branch is taking over the case to find out how many women responded to his messaging and met him in person.
Column (1) Column (2)
(A) accused had created at least (I) accused had been created at least
(B ) approached around 1,000 prospective (II)approach around 1000 perspectives
(C) taking over the case (III) taking on a case
(D) responded to his messaging (IV) responded to his messages
(a) D-IV (b) B-II (c) A-I (d) C-III (e) No error Q4. We have to engage with China to achieve our global objectives, based on interests and values”, a logical assumption might be that there is unlikely to any change in the Europe-China relationship after the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Such a superficial impression is reinforced by European statements that they will not choose sides between the United States and China.
Column (1) Column (2)
(A) engage with China to achieve (I) engaged with China to achieve
(B ) there is unlikely to (II) there is unlikely to be
(C) superficial impression is reinforced (III) superficial impression is reinforcing
(D) they will not choose sides (IV) they will not chose sides
(a) D-IV (b) C-III (c) B-II (d) A-I (e) No error Q5. Over years, the performance of the Central government is judged not only on the basis of actions taken which fall strictly in its jurisdiction but on initiatives undertaken in the areas who fall in the Concurrent and even State lists.
(A)Over years, the performance of (I) Few years ago, the performance of
(B) is judged not only on the (II) is judge not only on the
(C) in its jurisdiction but on initiatives (III) in its jurisdiction but also on initiatives
(D) who fall in the Concurrent (IV) which fall in the Concurrent
(a) D-IV and B-II (b) B-II and C-III (c) C-III and D-IV (d) None of the given options are correct (e) No error To attempt the complete quiz refer to the links given below:
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