English Quiz for 18th May: English Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains 2020

SBI Clerk Mains English Language Quiz

Is your DREAM to get selected in SBI Clerk 2020 recruitment? Well, then you must speed up your preparation as the Main exam which is the final step towards selection will soon be announced. So, students should utilize this time intelligently. The English Language is one of the subjects you’ll need to deal with and to help you keep your preparation up to the mark, here we provide you with a questionnaire of English Language to crack SBI Clerk Main. For other subjects, you can check the SBI Clerk Mains Study Plan. Directions (1-5): In each question, the word at the top of the table is used in four different ways, numbered (a) to (d). Choose the option in which the usage of the word is INCORRECT or INAPPROPRIATE. If it is used correctly in every sentence choose option (e) as your choice. Q1. VEHEMENT (a) Nancy Pelosi has refused to hold a chamber-wide vote to authorise the impeachment inquiry, despite vehement pushback from the White House and Republicans. (b) Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan made a vehement appeal to Finance Minister for bringing jet fuel and natural gas under the ambit of GST. (c) There has further been vehement support of the government’s decision on economic grounds to galvanize J&K. (d) Karthi steals the show in his vehement and action packed role (e) All are correct Q2. SALUBRIOUS (a) The idea is to provide our guests an unmatched ambience of dining under the stars in this salubriously weather. (b) The only uses of company’s technology will be the most optimistic, the most hopeful, and the most salubrious. (c) Sasha is evidently freed from both time and genre constraints, allowing his mixes to blend with salubrious ease. (d) Pat always eats on board and even has a full-time cook to prepare the finest food on his salubrious floating residence. (e) All are correct Q3. RECUSE (a) If I am satisfied that I am biased, then I can recuse myself from hearing this case. (b) This issue cropped up while the apex court was recuse a clutch of petitions challenging the validity of provisions related to compensation. (c) Pennsylvania appeals court rejects request to recuse judge whose girlfriend filed complaint against DA’s office. (d) Supreme Court Justice Arun Mishra refused to recuse himself from the Constitution Bench he was heading to re-examine one of his own judgements on the Land Acquisition Act (e) All are correct Q4. APPREHENSION (a) Some apprehension to MLS’s playoff change comes from how it alters a team’s strategy. (b) “We want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to prevent that apprehension from taking place,” said Stefanson. (c) As the fiscal year comes to an end, border apprehensively statistics reveal that illegal border crossings are at a level not seen since 2007. (d) Residential sales will either remain tepid or may even go down further in the coming six months due to stagnant job market and the apprehension to spend. (e) All are correct Q5. BOLSTER (a) Costa Rica campaign seeks to bolster marriage equality support (b) Exmoor river ‘reset’ aims to cut flood risk and bolster wildlife (c) Atlassian acquires Code Barrel to bolster automation in Jira (d) The European shipping industry urges the EU to bolstered maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea. (e) All are correct To attempt the complete quiz refer to the links given below:
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