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General Awareness Quiz Series 2023: 7th February

General Awareness Quiz Series 2023: 7th February: Hello Students, General Awareness is essential to all government exams. It’s better to prepare this section daily and revise the same using the factsheet provided. The Bankersadda team has brought you up a new series in which we will come up with 10 questions and answers, other options of the question have related news to them. So don’t miss reading the solutions.

Q1. Which among the following is not a classical language?
(a) Hindi
(b) Tamil
(c) Telugu
(d) Sanskrit
(e) Malayalam

Q2. How many Grammys has Ricky Kej won?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5
(e) 6

Q3. Where is Asia’s Largest Helicopter Manufacturing Facility located?
(a) Kerela
(b) Gujarat
(c) Karnataka
(d) Tamil Nadu
(e) Andhra Pradesh

Q4. Which natural disaster has hit Syria?
(a) Floods
(b) Tsunami
(c) Volcano Eruption
(d) Earthquake
(e) Hurricane

Q5. What is the Capital of Turkey?
(a) Aleppo
(b) Damascus
(c) Baghdad
(d) Riyadh
(e) Ankara

Q6. Who is the Chairperson of IBBI?
(a) Shri. Ravi Mital
(b) Sh. Sudhaker Shukla
(c) Shri Jayanti Prasad
(d) Ms. Reetu Jain
(e) Smt. Anita Shah Akella

Q7. What was the profession of Benode Behari Mukherjee?
(a) Politician
(b) Artist
(c) Archaeologist
(d) Author
(e) Businessman

Q8. Where does the Korean Demilitarized Zone Fall?
(a) 36 Parallel
(b) 37 Parallel
(c) 38 Parallel
(d) 39 Parallel
(e) 40 Parallel

Q9. Which company has started food ordering via Whatsapp?
(a) Zomato
(b) Swiggy
(c) Dunzo
(e) Blinkit

Q10. When was DRI founded?
(a) 26 January 1948
(b) 4 November 1956
(c) 4 November 1957
(d) 4 December 1956
(e) 4 December 1957


S1. Ans.(A)
Sol. Six languages in India namely Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, Kannada, Malayalam, and Odia have been given the status of classical languages.

S2. Ans.(B)
Sol. Ricky Kej is a 3x Grammy® Award-winning & 3x Grammy® Nominated Indian music composer and environmentalist. He has performed at venues in over 30 countries, including the United Nations headquarters in New York and Geneva. In December 2022, Kej was announced as a UNHCR “Goodwill Ambassador”.

S3. Ans.(C)
Sol. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) helicopter factory in Karnataka’s Tumakuru is Asia’s largest helicopter manufacturing facility, this helicopter factory will initially produce Light Utility Helicopters (LUH).

S4. Ans.(D)
Sol. The earthquake has hit Syria.

S5. Ans.(E)
Sol. Ankara is the capital of Turkey

S6. Ans.(A)
Sol. Shri. Ravi Mital is the Chairperson of IBBI. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India(IBBI) is the regulator for overseeing insolvency proceedings and entities like Insolvency Professional Agencies, Insolvency Professionals, and Information Utilities in India.

S7. Ans.(B)
Sol. Benode Behari Mukherjee was an Indian artist from West Bengal state. Mukherjee was one of the pioneers of Indian modern art and a key figure of Contextual Modernism. He was one of the earliest artists in modern India to take up to murals as a mode of artistic expression.

S8. Ans.(C)
Sol. The Korean Demilitarized Zone:- The 38th parallel is also called the Korean Demilitarized Zone where this line of latitude affects the two countries on the Korean peninsula.

S9. Ans.(D)
Sol. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) Limited has started e-catering services through a special website,, as well as its e-catering app ‘Food on Track’. Passengers can order food through WhatsApp number +91-8750001323 in a two-way communication system.

S10. Ans.(E)
Sol. DRI was founded on 4 December 1957.

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How to use this General Awareness Quiz?

When you try to solve the questions in GA, all the options in questions have some current news. Try to recall it. This quiz is for revision purpose.

What is called general awareness?

Definition: General awareness means knowledge about the present happenings. General awareness only focuses on the routine happenings of the news around the world it has nothing to do with the historic events. Current affairs is the term which is used in place general awareness for many competitive exams.

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