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How To Plan Time Table For IBPS PO Exam

How To Plan Time Table For IBPS PO Exam

After the IBPS has released the official notification for IBPS PO 2019, the main concern of the students is to know how to plan your time table for IBPS PO exam. Students are in dilemma that how to start preparation for IBPS Exam. Today’s article is dedicated to Time table for IBPS PO exam. As you all know before starting preparation, Knowing the IBPS PO exam pattern syllabus and the IBPS PO memory based papers 2018. This will help you identify what topics are to be revised on a priority and carries maximum marks. Most of the aspirants focus on just improving their knowledge and completing off the exam syllabus. While there is no denying to the fact that finishing off the IBPS PO syllabus with maximum efficiency is important, time management is equally important for the exam.

A time table should be formulated in a way that it focusses more on a candidate needs like weak points, topics to cover on priority, his strength, and convenience. We all know, every candidate is different and has differentiating skills and strength, hence IBPS PO preparation strategy should be personalized. It is important to reroute all your attention to IBPS PO exam 2019 and start with a proper time table for IBPS PO preparation. 


Have a look at the Time table for IBPS PO Prelims Preparation:


Subjects Number of hours/per day What to study
English Language 1.5-2 Hours Topics like RC, Fillers, Error Detection, etc
Quantitative Aptitude 2-3hours DI, Percentage, Profit and loss, Distance Etc
Reasoning Ability 2 hours Puzzle and seating arrangement, Inequality, syllogism Etc
Revision 1.5 hours Miscellaneous exercise/ Take Mock test
The number of hours to devote to a particular subject may vary from person to person. If you are good at Quant section you can devote 1-2 hours a day and rest of the time to subjects you are weak at. Learn the important topics like DI, Puzzle and seating arrangement, Reading comprehension first as they carry the maximum marks in the exam. Start from the c level and then move to advance. Do not be overconfident even if you are good at a topic or subject, at least give an hour a day to that subject also so that everything stays in your mind fresh. Follow the IBPS PO study plan on bankersadda, to give a boost to your preparation. You can also check out latest books for IBPS PO 2019 exam. 

Every person makes a time table to start their own preparation but does they really follow it? Are there any challenges that they face during their preparation? It is easy to make the study plan and time table but difficult to follow as per the time and date allotted to revise that particular subject/Section. Let us discuss the challenges in following the Time table.

Challenges in following the time table: IBPS PO Prelims 

  • Sometimes, aspirants could not complete the task in the assigned stipulated time. This makes the delay in other subjects/topics. So if you are assigning something to your self, make sure you complete the task in hand on time.
  • Students may face difficulty in clearing the basic of some of the topics due to their complex nature and difficulty level. This may also result in the delay to follow the Study time table.
  • Lazy nature towards the studies. This is the first and foremost reason that an aspirant could not follow the Time table for IBPS PO that he has prepared.
  • Attention towards Social media activities. It diverts the mind of the candidates thus making delay in the revision process.
  • Some students are afraid of either quant or English. They use to postpone the revision of these subjects and keep revising the one they are good at. Instead,they should pay equal attention to every subject as all subjects together will help you sail through IBPS PO Exam.
  • Every banking aspirant is full of enthusiasm in the starting when he starts preparing for it, later on, he keeps postponing the things and then finally stop the revision until the final bell is rung. So be regular and consistent with your preparation for IBPS PO Exam.

After having prepared with the time table for IBPS PO 2019, and IBPS PO study plan 2019, the next step it to keep yourself focussed to the desired task. If you dream of something, you should dare to achieve that too. It is very important to stay motivated and focussed towards your goals so that you can reach the destination. Your journey could be hard, but the results would be fruitful if you shot all you have in the IBPS PO exam. So the next biggest challenge is How to remain focus, and loyal towards your preparations?

How to remain Focussed? Tips to keep yourself motivated:
  • Always keep your goal at your sight. As there is a popular saying, out of sight out of mind.
  • If you are aiming IBPS PO exam, then make sets of small goals like how much you can cover in a day, in a week, then target IBPS PO prelims. As achieving small goals will boost your confidence and you will be able to focus on the real target i.e IBPS PO exam.
  • Always keep a track of your goals assigned. Make sure your goals are realistic and achievable in real-time. 
  • Keep in mind why you are struggling so hard to attain something. The criticism you have tolerated in your life and answer to all those criticizers by achieving your goal.
  • Eliminate distractions and Time wasters from your life. This will help you remain motivated.
  • Constantly remind yourself about the ultimate goals. The ” Why” behind the goal is crucial as it will serve as a motivator.
  • Do not get inspired by their peers, everyone has a different ability to achieve something.
You may find hurdled, obstacles in your path, but you can not afford to change your way. If you are determined, the journey would seem easy to you. Let your fear do not take overconfidence. Take challenges, be smart enough to tackle every situation. You are the writer of your dreams. Hold a pen and start writing your own journey of success. Remember hard work always pays off. Work hard, fall several times but never give up. If you think you can, you are halfway there. All the best!

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