How To Prepare For IBPS PO,IBPS Clerk And LIC Assistant Together?

| Updated On September 24th, 2019 at 04:15 pm

The Season of the exam is ongoing. Aspirants are full with the opportunities in their bag. there are more than 24000 vacancies this year including the three major exams like LIC, IBPS PO/Clerk.Recently LIC Assistant notification was released with 8000(approx) vacancies and now students are having IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk and LIC Assistant to be prepared. Well, almost every student try for every exam be it insurance or banking. But in preparing for more than one or two simultaneously they sometimes end up in mess which one should be given priority. Well, Government sector due to its job security has become the center of attraction for the job seekers. Choice of the exam should be on the basis of growth profile, Salary structure, Work and responsibilities allowances and other benefits they offer.

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Every designation has its own importance. One should know why and for what he is struggling so hard? What he will get in the end? And if it the exam is worth preparing? This year has shower us with lot many exams out of which some are lined up ahead to be conducted and some exams have been over now. Talking about the LIC Assistant, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk the syllabus for all of the three is more or less similar to each other although LIC has made some changes in the exam pattern this year by adding Hindi as a subject which is an added advantage to those who lack fetching marks in the English language.

No doubt if you are preparing for any of the banking exam, you can prepare for many simultaneously. Its just require firm determination, regularize practice and focus to what you are doing. In this Article we will discuss how to prepare for LIC Assistant, IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk together. Keep on reading to gather the information.

How to prepare for LIC Assistant, IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk together?

Well the answer lies in your strength and ability to tackle situation. IBPS PO is a step ahead of IBPS Clerk. No doubt as an IBPS PO your salary would be comparatively higher whereas IBPS Clerk is an entry level exam. Salary of IBPS Clerk is around 23000 in hand approx that too depends on the place of posting. Salary of a IBPS PO officer is approx 44000 including all the perks.First you need to understand the Exam pattern and Syllabus of all the three exams and the difference in them. Lets have a look at the difference in the Exam pattern and Syllabus of LIC Assistant, IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk.

  • The pattern of the IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk is similar. There are Three sections namely Reasoning Ability, Quantitative aptitude and English language. If you are aiming IBPS PO you can prepare for IBPS Clerk together with no add on in the subjects and topics.
  • The pattern of the LIC Assistant is similar to the other banking exams like IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk. The only difference is that this time LIC has given the opportunity to chose between Hindi and English language as one of the subject. Rest remains the same.
  • So keeping the exam pattern as a major factor, you can prepare for the LIC  and IBPS exam together.

The next step is to check the Exam pattern of LIC Assistant, IBPS PO/Clerk for mains. As after qualifying Prelims candidates will be called for the mains exam so let us compare the exam pattern of LIC Assistant mains and IBPS Mains.

  • The exam pattern of IBPS PO Mains and IBPS Clerk mains is same. There is no difference between these two. There will be four sections in the exam like Reasoning, Quant, English and General awareness.
  • There will be total of 5 sections in the LIC Assistant exam. Where in Hindi language is the added one as compare to IBPS exams. If you are preparing for all the three then you will have to give time to Hindi as well.
  • Although there are no major changes that can resist one to give banking and insurance exams together.

Now comes the Level of exam, Difficulty level and types of questions that can be asked in LIC and IBPS Exam. Let us compare the Difficulty level of all the three.

LIC Assistant IBPS PO IBPS Clerk
As LIC has introduced some changes in the exam pattern you can expect the level of the exam to be of clerical level.

Level of the LIC Assistant can be expect moderate

Cut off for the LIC Assistant exam will be decided on the difficulty level, Types of question and level of the exam.

IBPS Is known to follow the footprints of SBI. There were some major changes introduced in SBI in the quant section and student may expect the same in IBPS PO as well.

The Level of the IBPS PO remains easy-moderate whereas IBPS PO mains can leave you in the tight corner.

The cut off for IBPS PO pre depends on the level of difficulty of the exam.

No changes were observed in the SBI Clerk instead of making the exam lengthy to solve. Expect the same in the IBPS Clerk as well.

The level of the IBPS Clerk is easy generally. But IBPS Clerk mains is difficult to crack due to complexity in questions.

Cut off for IBPS Clerk Prelims is generally high due to the easy level of the exams.

Now the question arises if the syllabus for LIC Assisatant, IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk is same? Can all these three exams can be prepared together?

Well the answer of the question is YES! The syllabus for all the three exam is similar except the add on subject in the LIC Assistant. The only difference is in the level of difficulty. One can easily prepare for all the exams together all h has to do is to focus on the speed, calculation, accuracy and must have practiced a wide variety of questions.

How to manage time and prepare for LIC Assistant, IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk 2019?

  • Practice is the only key to ace in the competitive exams. The more you practice the more you gain.
  • Divide your time for all the common sections and devote at least one hour for Hindi for LIC Assistant.
  • Work on your strong and weak points. If you are good at quant, then you will do in this section in all the three exams all you have to do is give the section-wise mock to improve your speed in the same.
  • If you are not very good at english and it is your weak side. No worries. Divide your time and start practicing the topics chapter wise. But you can not completely skip this section as even in LIC Assitant English is also a main subject besides Hindi.
  • Give mock test for each exam at least thrice a week. This will help you ace your speed, accuracy and your overall performance will be improved.
  • Prepare with memory based papers. This will help you to be familiar with the previous year exam pattern and level and will help you do good in the upcoming exams.
  • Do not forget, its good to prepare for all the exams together but always have a big goal in your mind. Other wise you will end up in a mess.
  • For example make IBPS PO your goal, and eventually you will be able to crack at least any one of them you were struggling for.

We hope this article would have given you the direction to follow in the upcoming exams. So students now the time is high. You should start your preparation right away without any delay. The dates for the Prelims exam have been disclosed so what are you waiting for? Prepare with the study material by Adda247. Opt the latest and smart test series for LIC and IBPS to ace your preparation.

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