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How To Score 35+ Marks in the Reasoning Section For IBPS RRB 2024 Exam

The Reasoning Ability section of the IBPS RRB exam tests candidates’ logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Acing the Reasoning Ability section can significantly boost the overall score and increase the chances of landing the dream banking job. Here’s a roadmap to help candidates score 35+ in the IBPS RRB 2024 Reasoning Ability section.

IBPS RRB 2024 Exam: Syllabus For Reasoning Ability Section

The Reasoning Ability section for the IBPS RRB 2024 Exam comprises the following topics for the Prelims and Mains Examination. Candidates need to prepare each of the given topics keeping in mind both the stages of the recruitment process.

  • Direction / Coded-Direction
  • Blood Relation / Coded-Blood-Relation
  • Inequality / Coded Inequality
  • Coding-Decoding (General + Coded)
  • Resultant (Miscellaneous)
  • Coded Series
  • Syllogism (General +Coded)
  • Data-Sufficiency (Two or Three statements)
  • Input-Output (Word or Number Based)
  • Circular/ Triangular/ Rectangular/ Square Seating Arrangement
  • Linear Seating Arrangement (Single, Double, or Uncertain) + With Direction & Distance
  • Box-Based Puzzles (Certain + Uncertain)
  • Floor or Floor-flat-based Puzzles
  • Comparison/ Categorized/ Order Ranking-Based Puzzle
  • Blood-Relation-based Puzzles
  • Day/ Month/ Year/Age-Based Puzzle
  • Logical Reasoning: Statement and Assumptions, Statement and Inference, Cause and Effect, Course of Action, Strength of Argument, and Statement and Conclusion

How To Score 35+ Marks in the Reasoning Section For IBPS RRB 2024 Exam

In the IBPS RRB PO and Clerk Exam, 40 questions are asked from the Reasoning Ability Section. Scoring 35+ in the IBPS RRB Reasoning section requires dedication, consistent practice, and a strategic approach. By following the tips below, candidates can unlock their reasoning potential and ace an important exam section. The more one practices, the more confident and prepared the candidate will feel on the exam day.

Understand the Syllabus

The first step is to understand the different types of questions that candidates will encounter in the Reasoning Ability section. The IBPS RRB Reasoning section typically covers:

  • Puzzle Solving: Questions involving arrangements, seating plans, and sequences.
  • Inequalities: Problems testing the ability to compare and analyze relationships between numbers or variables.
  • Syllogisms: Identifying logical relationships between statements and drawing conclusions.
  • Coding & Decoding: Understanding patterns and deciphering hidden messages.
  • Blood Relations: Analyzing relationships within families.
  • Direction Sense: Testing the spatial reasoning skills.
  • Statement & Assumptions: Identifying assumptions implicit within statements.

Building a Strong Foundation

Before diving into complex problems, solidify the grasp of basic reasoning concepts. Practice identifying patterns, recognizing logical fallacies, and understanding different types of arguments.

Sharpening The Skills

The key to success in reasoning ability lies in consistent practice. Here are some effective ways to enhance the skills:

  • Solve Previous Year Papers: Analyze IBPS RRB Previous Year Papers to understand the question format, difficulty level, and frequently tested topics.
  • Attempt Mock Tests: Regularly take online mock tests to simulate the exam environment, identify the weak areas, and improve time management skills.
  • Focus on Accuracy and Speed: Aim for both accuracy and speed while solving practice questions. Remember, the reasoning section is time-bound.
  • Learn from Mistakes: Don’t just solve questions; analyze the mistakes and understand why the question got wrong. This will help aspirants avoid similar errors in the actual exam.

Strategic Techniques

Here are some specific techniques to tackle different reasoning question types:

  • For Puzzle Solving: Develop a logical approach, draw diagrams where necessary, and consider all possible combinations.
  • For Inequalities: Practice shortcut methods for calculations and estimation techniques to save time.
  • For Syllogisms: Identify the relationship between statements (e.g., cause-effect, contradiction) to determine the correct conclusion.
  • For Coding & Decoding: Practice identifying patterns and applying basic logic to decipher codes.

Mastering the Exam Clock

The IBPS RRB Reasoning section is time-constrained. Here’s how to manage the time effectively:

  • Develop a Smart Strategy: Allocate specific time slots for different question types based on their weightage and strengths.
  • Don’t Get Stuck: If you’re stuck on a question, move on and come back later if time permits. Don’t waste valuable time on a single question.
  • Practice Time Management: During mock tests, practice answering questions within the allotted time frame.

Stay Calm and Focused

A calm and focused mind is essential for performing well in any exam. Practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing to manage exam stress and it will help them to think clearly during the test.

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What is the Reasoning Ability Syllabus for IBPS RRB 2024 Exam?

The Reasoning Ability Syllabus for IBPS RRB 2024 Exam comprises Puzzle, Seating Arrangement, Inequality, Syllogism, Coding-Decoding, etc.

How To Score 35+ Marks in the Reasoning Section For IBPS RRB 2024 Exam?

The methods to score 35+ Marks in the Reasoning Section For IBPS RRB 2024 Exam are as follows: Understand the syllabus, building a strong foundation, sharpening the skills, etc.