How To Score High in IBPS PO English Language

IBPS PO Exam is going to take place on October 2019, it has developed a sense of hope among students to get a government job. Although the year 2019 has been a blessing for many students as it has showered us with multitudinous opportunities to start the career in the limelight of banking. IBPS PO is the most awaited exam in the country which is conducted with the participation of number of aspirants giving a tough competition to each other. IBPS PO prelims consist of three sections namely, Reasoning Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Language out the three mentioned many of the aspirants fear the English language because unexpectedly the level of the English section in banking exams has increased. SBI PO, BOB, and other banking exams are the evidence to the said statement. Now, the same is expected in the IBPS PO 2019 exam.

Talking about English for IBPS PO exam, there is no hard and fast rule to prepare it, this only seems so because there is no straightforward rule to prepare English for bank exams. This is the main reason why students fear English moreover, IBPS PO is not as hard as it seems to us. It requires determination, perseverance, regularity, and dedication towards what you do. Everyone who manages to sail thorugh IBPS or other bank exams have 24 hours like everyone then what makes them stand successful in the crowd of strugglers? It is their dedication and hardship towards their goal that makes them achieve their desired job.

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According to the recent trend, Reading comprehension has become tricky and filler, cloze test has been modified to raise the difficulty level. With every examination passed, a new pattern question can be observed to stuck the students somewhere thus leading to increased competition. Now, when the IBPS exam is approaching soon, students must be looking for tips to prepare English for bank PO exam. Today’s article is dedicated to the preparation strategy of English for IBPS PO. Keep on reading this article to know How To Prepare English For IBPS PO.

Comprehension Test In this a passage will be given , based on story, facts, or related to technology or economy and questions on the same will be framed You can expect a total of 6-10 questions
English Grammar Questions based on the following topics will be asked

1. Cloze test

2.Error spotting


4.Sentence correction/rearrangement

7-10 questions
Vocabulary Antonym


4-6 questions
Verbal Ability Questions on para jumbles may be asked 4-6 questions

How to prepare English For IBPS PO: Know how to Start your preparation for Bank PO exams:

One needs to be very good at grammar. You should have the basic and advance knowledge of the grammar rules and how to use them in the sentence. Although there is no hard and fast rule to learn the grammar rules concept but if you tried hard, you can easily ace in english for IBPS PO.

What are the topics to be covered for Ibps po English Language Syllabus?

Update all your knowledge on the following topics to upgrade marks in the grammar section

1.Parts of Speech – (Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection)

2. Subject-Verb Agreement

3. Active and Passive Voice

4. Direct and Indirect Speech

5. Tenses

6. Articles

7. Singular-Plural

8. Degrees of Comparison

9. Idioms and Phrases

Attempt all the quiz on the mentioned subject on bankersadda. Do practice to avoid any disturbance during the exam. Practice is the only key to ace in the exam. After completing your revision chapter-wise, practice miscellaneous exercise

Comprehension Test:

To grab more marks in the Reading test, you should enhance your reading skills. For this start reading newspaper on daily basis. This will improve your reading skills and vocabulary as well. Passage could be based on any topic. It may help you fetch 7-10 marks in the exam.


Vocabulary in the English Section plays a very vital role. Be it reading comprehension or other parts of it, you should have good grip over the words so that you do not have to wonder about them while writing your paper. To improve your vocabulary you can develop a habit of learning at least 20 words on a daily basis. Keep recalling the words and make use of them in the real life as well.

Para jumbles:

Reading and good understanding of the topic can be your savage in this part. You should have good knowledge of the topic and must have practiced a lot on this. Practicing will help you know how to arrange the sentences in sequence.

How to prepare English for IBPS PO?

  • There is no hard and fast rule to prepare for IBPS PO English section. As English is also a language then it should be studied the same way as we learn the others.
  • Read and write what you learn on daily basis. Make notes of important things or topics which you will need to revise later.
  • Develop a habit of reading magazines and newspaper on daily basis to improve your reading skills
  • Make  plan on the sheet and stick to it from the very first day.
  • Avoid wasting time on a single question or the one you are good at. Look for the important topics to be covered for English in IBPS PO.
  • Take Best mock test for IBPS PO. This will help you analyse your performance so that you can work on your weak points.
  • Practice from section-wise test also. So that you can focus on particular topic as well.
  • Improve your Reading and vocabulary. This is the major factor to Ace in the IBPS PO English language.